For other uses, see Bouncing Betty Grenade.

The Jumpin Bitty and Jumpin Biddy are common grenade mods manufactured by bandits. The Bouncing Betty Grenade (Bandit) is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The greande bounces and sprays the surrounding area with bullets over a period of time. They generally have a low damage but attack the enemy multiple times. The grenade does cause a small explosion when it activates or explodes but it does not cause damage to allies. It is effective in area denial as well as against enemies behind low cover; as the grenade bounces it has a homing feature, slowly closing any distance to available enemies, covering a large area and hitting enemies behind low objects.


  • Due to the bandits' habit of misspelling items this type of grenade may spawn with the titles "Jumpin Bitty" or "Jumpin Biddy".
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