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Bouncing Bettie is a fuse-based Grenade Mod manufactured by Dahl. It pops up into the air before exploding.

Usage & Description[]

Bouncing Bettie grenades detonate two seconds after thrown and jump approximately six feet into the air, throwing out twelve sub-munitions, or bomblets, horizontally in a circular pattern with a radius of approximately ten feet. The bomblets then explode at the prescribed distance, or on contact any surface within that radius, delivering their explosive or elemental charge over a wide area. The grenade's initial detonation does not deal any damage despite the "explosive" look of the detonation. Bouncing Betties can be useful against groups of enemies and enemies behind cover, but less useful against solitary, tough enemies. Accuracy in placement is important against any foes because the primary explosion does not deal any damage and because of the secondary explosions' prescribed distance from the initial detonation; the grenade should be placed approximately ten feet from the intended target to effectively deal damage.

Bouncing Betties deliver damage faster than MIRVs, as the bomblets do not have a fuse of their own, and can be more useful against mobile enemies. Unlike MIRVs, however, because of their prescribed pattern and almost instant detonation, Bouncing Betties may not be as effective in closed or constricted areas. Care should be taken with placement of the grenade as it needs sufficient overhead clearance to "pop up" and disperse its bomblets.


  • After a Bouncing Bettie grenade has been thrown the player can enter the inventory screen and select a different Bouncing Bettie grenade mod before the thrown grenade has detonated to change the element of the thrown grenade. The thrown grenade will still bear the color of the original element but will detonate as the new element. This effect only works in Single Player mode.
  • If timed properly, Bouncing Bettie grenades can be used effectively against fairly stationary air-borne enemies like Lance Rocketeers by creating an "air burst" of explosive or elemental damage over a wide area of the sky.
  • A glitch associated with terrain mapping may cause Bouncing Bettie grenades to disappear after landing or hitting something instead of detonating. This is more likely to occur when the grenade leaves the player's line of sight. To reduce this possibility either make sure the grenade remains in the line of sight from collision to explosion, or, if necessary to take cover, hide behind objects that are placed rather than part of the mapped terrain.


  • The S-Mine, also known as the "Bouncing Betty," was a German anti-personnel mine widely used during World War II. When triggered, these mines would launch into the air and then detonate, projecting a lethal spray of steel balls and fragments in all directions.