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The Bouncing Bazza is a legendary Bouncing Betty grenade mod manufactured by Dahl. Bouncing Bazza is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Give us ya lighta. – Disperses child grenades as it bounces.

Usage and Description[]

The Bouncing Bazza acts like a normal Springy Sheila grenade mod whilst dispersing child grenades over a wide radius. It can be used to great effect if tossed prior to going into Fight For Your Life. Caution should be taken if it is used within an enclosure or a room, because even though the bullets do not affect allies, the child grenades can still harm and in most cases cripple a Vault Hunter.


  • "Bazza" is an abbreviated form of "Barry", and can be used as an Australian slang term for a lazy, alcoholic and abusive male; the feminine counterpart is "shazza" (abbreviated slang form of "Sharon").

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