Bossanova is a character who appears in Tales from the Borderlands. He is donned in full armor equipped with various speakers and sub-woofer systems, which constantly play loud "dubstep-like" music and give his voice a very deep, menacing pitch and echo, though his natural voice is weak and scrawny.


Bossanova crashes through Shade's World of Curiosities in a bandit technical accompanied by his clan and chased by Zer0 who has been tasked with retrieving the Gortys Project from the warlord. While his bandits fight Zer0, he steals the Hyperion money briefcase and drives away.

He later hosts a death race in his arena, where the prize for the last bandit standing is the briefcase. When Zer0 reappears, he then offers an explicit bounty for the Vault Hunter, and the two begin to fight.

While Rhys, Fiona, Sasha, and Vaughn try to survive the horde of bandits and psychos, Zer0 kicks Bossanova out of a large speaker box above the arena and knocks him to the arena floor. Although killed by Zer0, he drops a large speaker system on both of them in an attempt to also crush Zer0; however, Zer0 utilized a hologram of himself to distract Bossanova before he killed the bandit leader, and was left unharmed.



  • The name of Bossanova is a direct reference to the Brazilian music genre of the same name.


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