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*'''October 31''' Halloween-themed skins for all five Borderlands 2 classes released via [ Shift codes], valid until November 4th.
*'''October 31''' Borderlands legends is released for the iPhone/iPad.
*'''October 31''' Borderlands legends is released for the iPhone/iPad.
*'''October 23''' Borderlands legends is [], is coming to iOS this October.
*'''October 23''' Borderlands legends is [], is coming to iOS this October.

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  • October 31 Halloween-themed skins for all five Borderlands 2 classes released via Shift codes, valid until November 4th.
  • October 31 Borderlands legends is released for the iPhone/iPad.
  • October 23 Borderlands legends is [1], is coming to iOS this October.
  • October 22 Randy Pitchford tweeted confirmation that a 6th playable character class is in the works.
  • October 18 Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage Trophies leaked!
  • October 16 Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty is now available!
  • October 15 Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC gameplay preview [2]
  • October 15 Sir Hammerlock introduces the Mechromancer [3]
  • October 11 Gaige's fourth Echo Log released.
  • October 11 Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Confirmed as DLC [4]
  • October 10 Gaige's third Echo Log released.
  • October 10 Upcoming DLC “Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty.” rumours.
  • October 9 Gaige the Mechromancer is officially available on all platforms.
  • October 9 Release of Mechromancer DLC announced at Randy Pitchford's Twitter
  • October 8 Gaige skill tree is online.
  • October 8 Gaige's second Echo Log released.
  • October 5 Gaige's first Echo Log is released.
  • October 4 Gearbox has made an official Twitter account for Gaige the Mechromancer.[5]
  • September 26 Get a chance to play with Gearbox/2K Games developers on Borderlands 2! (Xbox 360 ONLY)
  • September 23 It's possible to get a free golden key by signing up for Gearbox shift! [6]
  • September 21 The first issue of the Borderlands: Origins comic series is out.
  • September 21 Borderlands 2 is out Worldwide!
  • September 20 Gamers from Russia, the Baltic states, and CIS territories will receive a bundle that contains both the Russian language version, as well as the worldwide version of the game. 2K Games Community Manager
  • September 18 Borderlands 2 is released in the United States! Get it on: Steam, Amazon, GameStop, Walmart.
  • September 17 Borderlands Podcast Episode 7 released Link.
  • September 17 Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer.
  • September 16 A chance to play with Jonathan Davis, (Lead singer of Korn), in an Xbox "Game of Fame" event.
  • September 15 Interview with Randy Pitchford on IGN.
  • September 15 Terramorphous boss fight *Spoilers*.
  • September 15 2K broadcasts BL2 from Gearbox Software's Community Day. ([7])
  • September 14 Borderlands 2 can now be preloaded on Steam! ([8])
  • September 14 IGN reviewed Borderlands 2 with a 9.0/10 score! . ([9])
  • September 13 Gearbox releases Mount Jackmore, a 3D Multiplayer game, available to most of Europe. ([10])
  • September 13 New Mechromancer news, fully textured and plenty more new skills, [11]
  • September 13 Awesome Borderlands Cosplay,via Kotaku (Gallery).
  • September 12 Gearbox release info about the Golden Key.
  • September 12 Gearbox President Randy Pitchford wants to see Borderlands 2 on PlayStation Vita. Link
  • September 12 Borderlands Podcast Episode 6 released. Link
  • September 11 New developer walkthroughs showing skill trees for each of the 4 main characters: Axton, Zer0, Maya and Salvador
  • September 8 Wildlife Exploitation Preserve gameplay with Zer0 and Axton.
  • September 8 New gameplay featuring Salvador and Maya here.
  • September 7 Borderlands 2 smashes 2K pre-order record in UK.Link
  • September 7 Borderlands 2 skill calculator is now live on the official website.Link
  • September 7 GiantBomb Quick Look Exclusive: Borderlands 2 Gameplay link
  • September 6 IGN hosts a live stream with Randy Pitchford link
  • September 5 New PAX gameplay featuring Mordecai in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. Part One, Part Two.
  • September 4 Explore Pandora.
  • September 4th 2K Games have posted a timelapse video of Borderlands 2/A Work of Art. Watch here.
  • September 3rd Gaige the Mechromancer will be available October 16th.
  • September 3rd Borderlands 2 plans to have Four Post-Release Campaign DLCs.
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