Borderlands is, by and large, one big joke. The game does not take itself seriously, and there are numerous references to popular culture, media, and other games.

These guidelines are set down to stem the tide and control trolling on the wiki.

  1. All trivia must be linked to a source if it is not a relationship to something elsewhere in the game itself. Even in this case a link would be in order though not required.
  2. All trivia must be relevant to the game and the trivia's source. Both.
  3. All trivia will reference the "original" source of tribute. Similarities, covers, and coincidences shall be removed.
  4. Pages where more than one item or character are discussed are not the place for trivial references unless it applies to all items or characters discussed on that page.
  5. ALL extreme reaches must be supported by a link to a supporting forum discussion in addition to the aforementioned source link.
  6. All article trivia lacking any of the above may be undone or removed at any time where the summary indicates this policy.


The following link examples are provided to assist with linking trivia to referenced information.

  • [[wikipedia:source|displayed link text]]
  • [[w:c:other_wikia_url_name:other_wiki_page_name|displayed link text]]
  • [[other article on the Borderlands Wiki]]
  • [[other article on the Borderlands Wiki|displayed link text]]
  • [ displayed link text]
See also: Help:Links