Welcome to The Evil Dr. F's Bounty Board of Sorrow

Wipe your feet!

This page will be used to post taskings and jobs for those who want help or just want something to do. The reward for completing these tasks will be da dum da daa nothing. Unless it is a particularly long and/or arduous task in which case you will get an award or an e-cookie (whichever costs me less). This page will be protected so if you want to add/say something, please do so on the talk page.

  1. Users needed to police the Pix w/o Cats section in topnav. Please add valid categories only. By default [[category:images]] will do.
  2. Editors needed to tidy and verify the supplemental games pages ie Borderlands Legends & Tales from the Borderlands.
  3. Users needed to maintain and police category:books.
  4. Users needed to help New Users to understand and abide by Category:Policy. If you do not understand the reasons and principles behind this wiki's policies, your assistance is not needed.
  5. More to follow

Warning: Asteroid F needs labourers.

[. . need more power . . .]

Now get out and push!