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Below is the current signature policy in effect on the Boderlands Wiki. All users should sign their posts (using ~~~~) on talk pages and forums, to allow other users to be able to quickly identify who is making the comment.

It is important that we maintain a somewhat civil quality to the wiki, so we ask that you do not put your signature on a mainspace article, template, help page or MediaWiki file. Basically, if it isn't a talk page or a forum, don't sign.

How to make a signature

This section will outline how best to make your signature.

Making a basic signature

Basic signatures are good for most new users. Once you become more experienced in wiki markup, you are permitted to have larger signatures.

To start out, go into your preferences. You will see a signature section in the user profile, with a box beside it. Just below the box is a checkbox, with the text Custom signature (Check this box to create a custom signature in the field above. The signature uses the same wiki markup that a regular page does, including links.) beside it. Check that box.

Next, add the following code into the signature box: [[User:<your name here>|<your name here>]] ([[User Talk:<your name here>|talk]])

This code will display <your name here> (talk), with links to your user page and talk page. This should be good enough for a signature, until you have sufficient knowledge of wiki markup to make a more complex one. (Note - default colors not shown)

Making a complex signature

This section in a nutshell: Any signatures with more than 25 characters and/or images must be templated.

Complex signatures are fun, and can look really nice if they are done properly. However, any and all signatures with more than 100 characters must be used as a template. This keeps talk pages cleaner, without lots of code everywhere. All signatures using more than one image must be templated as well.

If you are making a complex signature, go to User:<your name here>/sig, and put in whatever code you wish to. Then, go to your preferences and add the following code to the signature box: {{SUBST::User:[USERNAME]/sig}}

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