This wiki requires ALL images uploaded to be categorized, have a license template added, and published within 24 hours of upload. Any files not published may be deleted by any administrator at any time. Any files not categorized or licensed may be deleted by any administrator at any time.

Uploading offensive, abusive or pornographic images is a violation of Wikia's terms of use and will result in a ban from this wiki.

A simple guide is provided here.

As users may or may not know Wikia resizes images to conform to the width of the pages (with adverts). To add to our considerations this wiki appears in mobile form as well (thus making images smaller still). To this end, the administrators would like to point out that most images above 1920x1080 resolution are largely pointless. That said, this a preference for the server side traffic only and need not apply to image restrictions. Maps used by Wikia's Maps module are also foremost among the exceptions, and are encouraged to be as high a resolution as are available.

Any image can be replaced with a clearer, cleaner, or higher quality picture. This includes user interface and background removal considerations. For variants, the image must match the chart entry exactly or a new variant line must be added.

Article Infobox Images

The image representing an item shall be the first, best, image without user interface clutter. Preference given to images ~ 800px. Proposals to change the image on any article may be drawn on that article's talk page*. Changes are to be ratified by an administrator on said talk page. No article shall have an infobox image with red background/borders after content has been released. Preference shall not be given to images with specific attachments, clever names, or highest (over)level.

Modded Weapons/Items

Images of mods, whether constructs, monsters or outright hax are restricted to the user & forum namespace and may be removed from main namespace showing just cause. When Gearbox Software and 2K Games begin to support end user modifications this wiki will readdress this policy.

User Page Images

Provided there are no violations of the terms of use, and the images are appropriately categorized, users may catalog their own collections unhindered by administrators or other users. It is this wiki's policy that users have autonomy within their own user namespace, this applies here as well.

* After standardization project is completed.

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