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This is the deletion policy currently in effect on Borderlands Wiki.

Marking pages for deletion

If you see a page that you think should be deleted, mark it with {{Delete|<reason>}}.

If the page is vandalism or false, use {{Speedydelete|<reason>}}.

Pages will be deleted if they meet the following criteria:

Poor-content pages

  • Any other page with not enough content to be worth keeping that cannot be expanded.
  • Page with no sources and unconfirmed information.
  • An unused category, with no pages or subcategories.


  • Blatant vandalism page.
  • Page created as an advertisement.
  • Page created with entirely false info.
  • Nonsense page.
  • Spam page.

Community-deleted pages

  • Community voted for page to be deleted.
  • Copyright violation.
  • Author requested deletion.
  • Duplicate page.


  • Unused redirect.
  • Broken redirect.
  • Redirect left from pagemove.


  • Offensive language
  • Off topic/irrelevant post
  • Flaming other users
  • Spam


  • Inappropriate image.
  • Copyright violations, image of a unreleased set.
  • Misnamed file.
  • Duplicate/superceded file.
  • Author requested deletion.

Deletion warnings

This wiki does not issue warnings. Users are considered to be given notice when a page or file is marked for deletion. Users will have 2 (two) weeks to respond to a delete flag and 1 (one) week to respond to a speedydelete flag. In the case of spam and/or vandalism the page or file may be deleted forthwith.

Portions (most) of this page by Ajraddatz were taken from Farmville by The Evil Dr. F