The Borderlands Wiki has developed a number of policies over the years in order to set a few standards that create some level of conformity throughout the wiki. Not every editor takes the time to understand these however, and jarring changes in style can sometimes result, and contributors can become frustrated when their efforts are unexpectedly wiped away. In an effort to offer some bite-sized explanations, here are some of the common mistakes that run counter to some of the established standards here.


So your images have been deleted? Reasons why this might happen include:

No Category

Here on the Borderlands Wiki we require that you place any new image uploads into an appropriate category. These are most likely to be a subcategory of Category:Images. If nothing there seems to be suitable, just use Category:Images.

No License

It is important to identify who the image is from. We hope to avoid copyright infringement claims, so it is equally important that you select an appropriate license template from the drop down menu when you upload the file. If you are uploading your own screenshot, then use the {{Screenshot}} template option.



We got rid of this back when Borderlands was new, and the reason was simply that the game uses the word "Mission" on the mission log. So unless a page is quoting or paraphrasing in-game content referring to a quest, then the word "mission" should be used.


There is no reason to address your reader on a mainspace article. The requirement is that all articles be written in the third person.


Adding Templates

Templates should be taken from instructions on template pages, if available. This is to ensure that the most up-to-date version of a template is used (and templates do evolve to accommodate new updates to these games). Copying from existing articles may appear to get the job done, but all too often this also copies old problems to new pages.

Templated Categories

Most of the information boxes on the Borderlands Wiki automatically generates categories based on information supplied in the infobox. In such cases it is therefore preferable to add the template, fill in the blanks, and publish the article without manually adding categories.

{{Stub}}, {{delete}}, and {{cleanup}} templates also have automatic categories.