Borderlands Wiki

The configuration files[]

The majority of tweaks are made in configuration files, which have a .ini extension. Due to this, they are often referred to simply as INIs.

These files are stored in:

Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Config\

This folder contains the following files:

The files that most tweaks are made in:

  • WillowEngine.ini
    • WillowEngine contains most technical settings, such as graphics quality.


  • WillowGame.ini
    • WillowGame contains most game options that are neither technical or dealing with input, such as weapon bob
  • WillowInput.ini
    • WillowInput deals entirely with how you control things in game, with the keyboard, mouse, or gamepad.

All these files can be edited directly with Notepad (Right click -> Edit)


These tweaks will be reversible only if the .ini files are backed up.

When joining a game, you may be sent the ini files of the host. This is one reason it is best to make the files read-only once you have edited them. Any tweaks that have permanent effects on your save file will be noted with a star (*)

Before tweaking[]

This is important: Start Borderlands 2 at least once before tweaking for the first time. Go to Options, and change a control - any control. This is necessary to build a binding list in WillowInput.ini

Next, back up all configuration files.

  • Making a copy of the Config folder inside the WillowGame folder is the simplest method.
  • The SaveData folder should be backed up as well. This is a good idea even if not editing your ini files, as save corruption is unfortunately common.

Finally, make sure all file extensions can be seen.

  • If you're on XP, open a file browsing window and go to the Tools menu.
  • If you're on Vista or 7, press Alt inside a browsing window, then go to the tools menu.
  • Pick Folder Options
  • Go to the View tab
  • Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types
  • Press Ok

Tweak format[]

Each tweak will be under the corresponding category, and will begin with the file to be edited. If there is a relevant forum thread, it will be linked as well.

Commenting INI file lines[]

Any line of an ini file will be disabled by putting a semicolon before it. An example of this is in the startup movies tweak.

Game tweaks[]

Discussion of various in-game console commands on the old Gearbox forums:

Enable developer console[]


Find under [Engine.Console]:


Replace with

ConsoleKey=Tilde (` on American keyboards, or any other button that is not used by the game)

TypeKey=Backslash can also be used which lets you enter stuff on one line quickly

Show/hide HUD (for screenshots)[]

Follow the instructions for enable developer console, then in the game press either console or typekey and type:


Take an ultra-resolution screenshot[]

More info here.

Will have black lines in between tiles unless vignette shading is turned off. Only way to take over-resolution shots with black outlines still turned on would be to run the whole game in a scaled resolution.

Follow the instructions for enable developer console, then in the game press either console or typekey and type:

TiledShot 6 516

the first number is the multiplier of the current game's resolution, e.g. how many tiles will be put together

The second number is the tile overlap in pixels. Each tile actually overlaps a little bit to ensure that fullscreen blurring or distortion post-process effects will match. The default value is 64 pixels. For instance, if you're using a post-process effect that blurs a lot, you may want to increase this parameter.

Change FOV[]

(Field of view)more info

Follow the instructions for enabling developer console, then in the game press either console or typekey and type:

FOV <degrees>

(default is 90, it is 70 on consoles and was in Borderlands 1 - this is also editable in the game settings now)

Third person camera view[]

Follow the instructions for enable developer console, then in the game press either console or typekey and type:

Camera 3rd

Disable black outlines[]


Find under [Engine.Engine]:


Replace with:


or (also removes "cel shading" effect)


or (also removes "cel shading" effect and vignette/colour correction effects[1])


(Screenshot comparison between the 3)

Reducing Physx Particles[]


Find under [Engine.Engine]:


Replace "0" (Infinte) with the desired number of particles processed in real-time, for example:


Alter font size / prevent line wrapping in the Badass Statistics menu[]

Open up your text editor of choice and open the following directory:

...\[Steam Directory]\SteamApps\common\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\Localization\[Your Language]\

In the Localization directory you'll find some folders named like DEU, ESN, FRA, etc.

DEU stands for German,
ESN stands for Spanish,
FRA stands for French,
INT stands for International (English),
ITA stands for Italian,
JPN stands for Japanese,
KOR stands for Korean

Open the folder of your language. Search for the file gd_challenges.XXX (the tripple X stands for the language, e.g. DEU for German language) and open it with the editor. There are all bonusses listed, e.g. Elemental Effect Chance:

[BadassRewards.BARD_StatusEffect_ProcChance BadassRewardDefinition]
RewardString="Möglicher Elementareffekt"

To prevent from line wrapping you will edit the line that says "RewardString". There you can use HTML to effect the text displayed in the game. Use the following code to alter the string:

The X determines the font size. 15 seems to be the standard chosen by the devs. Alter the size by trial and error until you'll find the best one.

This is what it could/should look like afterwards:

[BadassRewards.BARD_StatusEffect_ProcChance BadassRewardDefinition]
RewardString="Möglicher Elementareffekt"

Controls tweaks[]

Set mouse sensitivity below 10[]

Use this application, which will help you manually set your mouse sensitivity.