• Inside the Caustic Caverns, there is Minecraft dirt. Walk up to the dirt, and melee it until it breaks. Then you will see minecraft stone and coal, then you break that. Inside there is a bunch of Creepers: most normal but one Badass. They drop money and all sorts of loot. If you leave Caustic Caverns, you can come back and do it all over again.
  • A random citizen will sometimes say "I'm missing the new episode of Constable What!" A reference to what sounds like a parody of 'Doctor Who'
  • Sometimes in Sanctuary a random Crimson Raider will say, "This is no planet for old men." Referencing the thriller movie 'No Country for Old Men'.
  • There is a quest where you have to pretend to be a pizza delivery man and deliver pizza to a sewer system in which 4 mutants that are color coded with turtle shells obviously referencing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Their names are Lee, Dan, Ralph, and Mike. In the same quest, there is a room that has 6 lights on one of the walls, they'll be a combination of red and green. You must pull the 4 switches/levers in the room to turn all lights green. Once done, an enemy called Flinter will appear, which is another reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • There is a Bandit Shotgun called Thre Dog. The text says "Because one barrel ain't enough, and two is too few." This is referencing the character Three Dog the radio broadcaster from the Bethesda game Fallout 3. Both of these reference the song "One" by the band Three Dog Night.
  • By doing a certain quest, you can unlock a skin called "Why So Serious?". It is green, white, and purple and is a reference to Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in the film "The Dark Knight."
  • Gun in a cardboard box in the dunes. When opened a Handsom Jack yells: "What's in the box? What's in the box?". There is a female head in the box and a gun. The gun is named: "Neutralizing Gwen". A reference to the movie Se7en.
  • There is a head skin for Salvador called 'Breaking Bald' this is a referenece to the TV show 'Breaking Bad', and the skin makes Salvador look like the series main character Walter White.
  • One of Maya's available costume skins is named "Slice of Fried Gold," a reference to zombie-action-comedy flick "Shaun of the Dead."
  • On one of the tables there is a cake with Moxxi's picture on it. In the bottom right hand corner there is a barcode to scan with a smart phone. When scanned you get a quote: "Wise man say forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza.- Captain Picard".
  • In Liar's Berg, one of the buildings is named "Fillion's Ammunition & Arms". Nathan Fillion is an actor who was in the show Firefly, which had a similar 'space western' setting.
  • A Citizen in Sanctuary can say "I was playing this Echo Sim where you could jump into trucks with your mind. Pretty much the best thing ever." This is a reference to writer Anthony Burch's love for Driver: San Francisco.
  • The same citizen may also mention an ECHO Sim called "The Gang that Wore Purple." This is a reference to a famous early twentieth century bootlegging gang in Detroit, the Purple Gang. The game Saint's Row has a similar reference.
  • After completing the quest "The Cold Shoulder" for Scooter in the Fridge, if you enter the room where Laney emerged you are taken through an area filled with rats. At the end there is a location called the "Rakk Cave" where you fight Rakkman, who throws boomerangs and uses smoke bombs. This is a reference to Batman and the Batcave.
  • Midget rats say "Allez cuisine." This is in reference to the show "Iron Chef America" In which the chairman introduces the "secret" ingredient, followed by the saying to start it off.
  • A possible pop culture reference: at the beginning of the game Claptrap says "allons-y" which The Doctor from Doctor Who is known to say.
  • The thief rats, on occasion, call out "The fear!" when attacked. This is a reference to the same named boss from Metal Gear Solid 3.
  • In The Highlands, if you go into the Hyperion base, with the mortar, you can go around and behind it onto a hidden path (will usually be a big black undiscovered spot on your map) where lies a tent. If you approach the tent, Claptrap will then speak to you regarding a "double rainbow" if you look out to the distance, you can also see it. Oh..and get a trophy/achievement
  • In Sanctuary there is a townsperson outside the Crimson Raider HQ that can say "I used to be a Vault Hunter like you, until I took a bullet to the knee." A reference to Skyrim's guard arrow to the knee.
  • Far into the story, Brick will give you a mission named "Rocko's Modern Strife". This is a reference to an old cartoon called "Rocko's Modern Life"
  • In the bottom left of the Tundra Express there is a Developer Chest under the cliff, (similer to the one in the first game)
  • At Ellie's Garage in The Dust, you receive a quest from a Buzzard Pilot named Loggins. This is all a big reference to the movie "Top Gun" The pilot will say "I'm in the Danger Zone" when you talk to him,a reference to the song "Highway to the Danger Zone" (performed by Kenny Loggins) and will yell "Goose! GOOSE!" and "You can be my wingman anytime." at the end.
  • While in Tundra Express, Mordecai gives you the mission The Good, The Bad, and the Mordecai, which is a reference to the Clint Eastwood western film "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."
  • In the quest to put the power of the Happy Pig Motel, the objectives contain "Find Steam Valve", and "Find Gearbox". This is a reference to VALVe, and its platform Steam, and Gearbox, the developer.
  • In Sanctuary, Crazy Earl will say "It's dangerous to go alone, Jerkwad!" Which is a reference to the famous Legend of Zelda quote.
  • The quest "Mighty Morphin'" is probably a reference the the 90s children's show "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers"
  • Somewhere in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve, there is a skag named "Tumbaa" and a stalker named "Pimon". This is a reference to Timon and Pumbaa from the movie "The Lion King".
  • By completeing a specific quest you will earn a shield that refrences the movie "The Boondock Saint's 2" saying "The second is better." and refrencing the main characters tattoo's "Veritas and Aequetas".
  • The challenge, Say What Again!, is a reference to the crime film Pulp Fiction, the character Jules Vernes uses this line during an interrogation.
  • Zer0's Eyes of a Snake skin is a reference to Snakes Eyes from the G.I Joe series.
  • The challenge, U (No)mad bro? Is a reference to the internet meme, "U MAD?"
  • Echo's found in Lynchwood bandit's named 'John' and 'Barrowmen' refrance to dr. who and Torchwood actor John Barrowman paying Jack Harkness

Minecraft dirt in Borderlands 2

Badass Creeper in Borderlands 2

There is an enemy in Eridium blight named "King Mong" a reference to the movie, King Kong.

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