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The Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt was a promotional in-game event to mark the release of Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition.

Starting October 12 2013, Gearbox began a contest dubbed 'The Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt'. The contest, going on for four weeks, was comprised of three essential parts per week: The Target, The Bounty, and The Goal. The Target for the day featured a 100% drop rate of a Bounty, with which players would have to kill a certain number of a specified enemy to complete the Community Goal. When a player killed the Target, he/she was entered into the Weekly and Grand Prize entry (prizes listed below). The sponsors of the event and of the prizes: Falcon Northwest, Nvidia, BradyGames, Sony, and Turtle Beach.


Weekly Prize Listing, as provided by the Rules:

  • Sweepstakes Week 1 (Total Value: $6,425)
    • One (1) weekly winner of $5,000
    • Five (5) runner up winners receiving PlayStation Vitas with Borderlands 2 voucher, and additional games and hardware (ARV: $285 per prize)
  • Sweepstakes Week 2 (Total Value: $16,500)
    • One (1) weekly winner of $10,000
    • Twenty (20) runner up winners receiving Turtle Beach Head Sets with Borderlands 2 custom plates (ARV: $325 per prize)
  • Sweepstakes Week 3 (Total Value: $20,893)
    • One (1) weekly winner of $15,000
    • One (1) runner up winner receiving an NVIDIA Shield, a Falcon Northwest Tiki PC and a wireless router (ARV: $4148)
    • Five (5) second runner up winners receiving GE Force GTX 660 Ti Graphics Card (ARV: $349 per prize)
  • Sweepstakes Week 4 (Total Value: $51,917.50)
    • One (1) weekly winner of $20,000
    • Five (5) runner up winners receiving a Lifetime Steam Key for all 2K Titles, past to the future (ARV: $6263.50 per prize)
    • Twenty (20) second runner up winners receiving a Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Strategy Guide from Brady Games (ARV: $30 per prize)
  • Grand Prize Winner
    • One (1) Grand Prize winner receiving $50,000

Loot Hunt[]

Week 1 (10/12/13 to 10/18/13) - Host: Moxxi
Date Item Item Source Goal Targets Notes
12 Oct. Gwen's Head Knuckle Dragger Badass Marauders Increased stability and magazine size for Dahl pistols.
13 Oct. Hornet Boom and Bewm Bullymong Slingers Increased explosion radius and additional shot when zoomed for the Hornet.
14 Oct. Dog Captain Flynt Badass Rakk Increased reload speed and +1 to magazine size for bandit shotguns.
15 Oct. Emperor Assassin Rouf GUN Loaders Increased damage and magazine size for the Emperor.
16 Oct. Fremington's Edge Wilhelm Buzzards Increased accuracy and critical bonus for Fremington's Edge.
17 Oct. Longbow Mister Boney Pants Guy Badass Psychos Increased damage and elemental chance for the Longbow.
18 Oct.



Midge-Mong No target Increased magazine size for bandit pistols.

Week 2 (10/19/13 to 10/25/13) - Host: Captain Scarlett
Date Item Item Source Goal Targets Notes
19 Oct. Gub Sinkhole Wormhole Threshers Increased damage and magazine size for the Gub. (stacked on 10/12/13 buff)
20 Oct. Veruc Rakkman Field Rats Increased damage and accuracy for the Veruc.
21 Oct. Little Evie Grendel Anchormen Increased damage and skill recharge for the Little Evie.
22 Oct. Madhous! Mad Mike Goliaths Increased damage for Madhous!
23 Oct. Orphan Maker Big Sleep Cursed Pirates Increased magazine size and accuracy recovery for all Hyperion pistols.
24 Oct. Tidal Wave DJ Tanner Sand Worm Queen Increased damage and ricochet for Tidal Wave.
25 Oct.



The Sheriff No target

Increased damage for the Octo.

Increased damage and blast radius for the Fastball.

Week 3 (10/26/13 to 11/01/13) - Host: Sir Hammerlock
Date Item Item Source Goal Targets Notes
26 Oct. Gunerang Henry Spiderant King More damage to enemies, less damage to self, increased magazine size for the Gunerang.
27 Oct. Landscaper Arizona Stalkers Increased damage and explosion radius for the Landscaper.
28 Oct. Hive Donkey Mong Badass Savages Increased elemental chance and reload speed on all Maliwan launchers.
29 Oct. Lady Fist McNally Loaders

Increased critical damage for Lady Fist.

30 Oct. Twister Woundspike Torgue Thrashers General stat boost to the Twister.
31 Oct. Morningstar Saturn Hyperion Sniper Bonus upgrade to the Morningstar, which now does bonus damage for much longer.
01 Nov.

Baby Maker


Rouge No Target Increased damage for the Baby Maker.

Week 4 (11/02/13 to 11/08/13) - Host: Tiny Tina & Mr. Torgue
Date Item Item Source Goal Targets Notes
02 Nov. Teeth of Terramorphous Motor Momma Feeler Thresher Increased damage and explosion radius for the Teeth of Terramorphous.
03 Nov. Logan's Gun Dukino's Mom Treant Increased damage and larger radius for secondary explosions on Logan's Gun.
04 Nov. Bunny King Mong Dwarves Increased damage and magazine size.
05 Nov. Bone Shredder Son of Mothrakk Bikers The Bone Shredder fires three bullets at a time and all bandit submachine guns do increased damage and have increased magazine sizes.
06 Nov. Lascaux Warlord Turge Orczerkers Dahl submachine guns have increased stability.
07 Nov. Grog Nozzle Gold Golem Giant Skeletons Faster reloads and more damage from Vladof rocket launchers.
08 Nov.


Sky Rocket

Badassasaurus No Target Cobra, Boom Puppy, and Sky Rocket have increased explosion size.

Bonus Weekend - Host: Claptrap
Date Item Item Source Goal Targets Notes
09 Nov. KerBlaster Sorcerer's Daughter "Anything" The KerBlaster now does extra damage and has a greater explosion radius.
10 Nov. Flakker The Warrior "Anything" The Flakker now has a greater explosion radius.
"That’s right – we’re not done yet! You fine minions have done SUCH a great job of grabbing guns and popping uglies that we’re extending the Loot Hunt for ANOTHER WEEKEND! Which is a thing we decided to do FROM THE KINDNESS OF OUR HEARTS and definitely NOT because I accidentally delayed the START of the Loot Hunt by playing a quick game of “CATCH THE ELECTROMAGNET” with the server!" - Claptrap (posted on the official website)

A bonus weekend was added to the end of the event with a target and a bounty each day, but no supplementary community goals, apart from a gauge that would fill up from "100s" to "10s of Millions" depending on the amount of enemies killed (by US players) with the weapons provided. The text used in the blurb indicates that the extra weekend was added as a consolation for the delayed start of the event by one day.

"This weekend, you can kill anything. Yes, ANYTHING! No matter what you shoot in the face – be it beast, man, robot, or kitten — so long as you use each day's special weapon, your kills will count toward the weekend community goal! Please don’t actually kill kittens." - Claptrap (On the Bonus weekend challenge).

End of Week Rewards[]

The weapons below were the community rewards, granted to those who contributed to the Community Goal if all the week's goals were met. Some weapons, like the Creamer, were unavailable to those without the proper DLC, but received a temporarily increased drop rate to all players who met the requirements, DLC owned or not.


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