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This page contains a list of all hidden Easter eggs and secrets within Borderlands.

Claptrap in Fyrestone Mountains


Up in the mountains above the weapons shop in Fyrestone, there is a waving Claptrap.

  • When a Vault Hunter is directly next to him, the Claptrap will simply stand motionless (save for his 'eye', and orb at the top of his antenna both glowing). Even if a second Vault Hunter were to go to the overlooking roof of the shops, the first player will still not see the Claptrap waving or jumping even though the second player will.

Fun with barrels


Patricia Tannis having some fun with the fish off the coast of Treacher's Landing.

Hidden Vending Machine


This vending machine, across from Marcus Kincaid's shop in New Haven, only opens once in a while.

This vending machine may have better and more powerful weapons that can be more expensive.

  • For guests that join a game, sometimes the door will appear open but the machine is inoperable. At the same time, the door appears shut to the host.

QR Codes


Strange symbols adorn the debris that lie scattered across Pandora. These mysterious emblems contain hidden messages from travelers long since gone.

Research found that the message reads "NICK WILSON HO OH". Nick Wilson is an artist who worked on the game.

The simple text translation of this QR code is

"Marcus Munitions, Inc.

Unauthorized retailer of everything that goes BOOM!"

T-Bone Junction Marcus' Shop

Marcus with folk

On the counter where Marcus is, there is a toy car. Inside it, is a little man. When talked to, his one line is "Hey, you seen my gun?".

Moxxi's shelf

In Moxxi's Red Light, is a shelf above Moxxi with many Easter egg items. Among these are a miniature claptrap wearing a fake moustache, a Marcus bobblehead, a miniature of her announcing platform from the Underdome, and a pumpkin that flashes to the beat of the music. There is also a zombie brain that bleeds when shot and Hank Reiss's hat from The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.

Secret Switch

There is a secret switch in Rust Commons East, if characters glitch out of the map from Rust Commons West into Rust Commons East. This switch will complete the "North Ridge beacon activated" objective in the mission, "Relight The Beacons". [citation needed]PS3

Developer's Chest

Originally, the red chests of Borderlands were going to be well-hidden. This idea was thrown out, but one exceptionally well-hidden chest remains in Rust Commons West. It has some good loot on the first playthrough, but has the loot of a standard red chest on the second playthrough. How To: Get to the Secret "Devs Chest"

The Rider

After receiving the mission 'Another Piece Of The Puzzle', a blue hut in New Haven can be entered, which houses an elevator leading to a Hidden Basement containing The Rider. The hut cannot be entered after the mission is completed.