Collect the necessary parts to complete the new vehicle.

  • Supercharger: 0/1
  • Nitrous tank: 0/1
  • Exhaust pipe: 0/1
"Scooter has informed you that you won't be able to reach Moxxi unless you have a vehicle. Scooter has been working on a new set of wheels but needs you to grab the last few parts needed to finish the boost system. Search T-Bone Junction for the needed parts."


Just follow the waypoints on your map, and be careful not to fall off the edge anywhere. Be cautious, however: you'll be ambushed by the first of five groups of Lance Assassins when you approach the location of the nitrous tank. This starts the mission Wanted: Dead!


"You've found all the parts for Scooter's new car. Sound like he wants help installing them now."
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