Claptrap Skill Tree 1

Boomtrap is Claptrap's first skill tree. This skill tree focuses on explosive damage through guns and skills, with some bonuses to guns in general. His other skill trees are I Love You Guys! and Fragmented Fragtrap.


Tier 1
  • Drop the Hammer - Reloading your weapon increases your fire rate and reload speed by +5% each but makes your accuracy worse by -2% per rank, for a few seconds.
  • Killbot - Killing an enemy heals you for up to 7% of your max health but drains 2% of your max shields per rank. The lower your health, the more healing you receive.
Tier 2
  • Coincidental Combustion - Whenever you shoot an enemy with a non-Explosive weapon, you have a 7% chance per rank to deal bonus Explosive damage. The bonus damage is based on the weapon's damage.
  • Repulsive - When struck by a melee attack, you emit a powerful Blastwave that pushes enemies away and deals Explosive damage; the Blastwave's radius increases with rank. Has a 5 second cooldown.
Tier 3
  • Second Wind (by Tediore) - When you enter Fight For Your Life, you throw a digistructed copy of yourself that explodes like a grenade, and constantly emit Explosive novas.
Tier 4
  • Load 'n' Splode - Whenever you reload your gun, you gain +4% increased Explosive damage per rank for a few seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • I Am Rubber, You Are Glue - Kill Skill. When you kill an enemy, bullets have a 25% chance to reflect off you and towards enemies for a short time. Unlocks the ACTION PACKAGE Torgue Fiesta.
  • Start With a Bang - Firing a fully loaded gun after reloading causes an Explosive Nova centered on you with damage based on your rank, but drains 1% of your current health per rank.
Tier 5
  • Hyperion Punch - Melee Override. Dealing Explosive damage adds a stack of Hyperion Punch. Once you have 5 stacks, press [melee] to throw a punch that deals bonus Incendiary Damage and consumes all stacks. Bonus damage increases with rank.
  • One Last Thing - The last shot in the magazine of any weapon deals +80% damage per rank. Weapons with a magazine size smaller than 8 receive a reduced bonus.
Tier 6
  • Livin' Near the Edge - Increases fire rate and reload speed by up to +100% each. The lower your health and shields, the greater the bonus. Unlocks the ACTION PACKAGE Pirate Ship Mode.

Claptrap skills
Boomtrap I Love You Guys! Fragmented Fragtrap
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