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For the legendary submachine gun in Borderlands 3, see Boomer (SMG).

Boomer is a unique jet fighter pilot and leader of a scavs band encountered in the south-east corner of Outlands Spur.


Boomer and his scavs are angrily searching for loot stolen by his ex-girlfriend, who had asked the Vault Hunter to defend her. Boomer presents himself as a boss at the end of the mission.



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  • Boomer has an increased chance to drop the legendary KerBoom assault rifle and is the only loot source for the unique Baby Boomer grenade mod.
    • However, Boomer's loot tends to drop into the void below, as with all jet fighters. It is highly advisable to lure him closer before destroying his jet.
  • Boomer used to be a non-respawning boss before an update.