Boom and Bewm are Captain Flynt's first mates. They both have a knack for explosives, hence their names. Boom resembles a yellow Marauder, while Bewm resembles a yellow Midget Shotgunner. Both are noted for carrying a high quantity of grenades.


Boom and Bewn bar the way to Captain Flynt's freighter in the mission Best Minion Ever. The only way to get through their area the first time is to capture Boom's turret gun, Big Bertha, and use it to destroy a gate. In order for that to happen, Boom and Bewm must die.

Once the gate has been blown away, Boom and Bewm will still respawn. However the gate is still destroyed, and they can simply be bypassed. Big Bertha cannot be operated twice.


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  • Boom and Bewm will always drop grenade mods when killed.
  • Killing Boom and Bewm without taking hits from Big Bertha completes the "Make Boom Go Boom" challenge.


"Light the fuses, bitches!"

""I'm ready to BLOW"


  • Big Bertha (The cannon Boom rides upon) is a reference to the WWI, German Super-heavy howitzer of the same name.
  • Boom or Bewm have a chance to drop the Legendary-grade Bonus Package grenade mod.
  • Big Bertha could be a reference of the female bouncer from the Super Mario brothers movie as she worked at the Boom Boom Bar. The characters Boom and Bewm further this possibility.
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