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Boom and Bewm are Captain Flynt's first mates. They both have a knack for explosives, hence their names. Boom resembles a yellow marauder, while Bewm resembles a yellow midget shotgunner.


Boom and Bewn bar the way to Captain Flynt's freighter in the mission Best Minion Ever. The only way to get through their area the first time is to capture Boom's turret gun, Big Bertha, and use it to destroy a gate. In order for that to happen, Boom and Bewm must be killed.



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  • "Light the fuses, bitches -- I'm ready to BLOW!"
Throwing explosives
  • "BOOM!"
  • "BAH-OOM!"
  • "BOOM!"
  • "BAH-OWM!"
  • "BIZOOM!"
  • "Boom, bitch!"
  • "BabababaBOOM!"
  • "Buh buh buh uh oh oh- Wait for it- BOOM!"
  • "Frag ya!"
  • "HIIIGH explosives!"
  • "Strangle ya with det. cord!"
  • "Time to EXPLODE!"
  • "Gonna boom you so hard..."
  • "Boom, boom, BOOM!"
  • "BOOM-AH!"
  • "Gotta boom, gotta boom!"
  • "Must BOOM!"
  • "Bewmy boom BOOM!"
  • "Time to boom!"
Vault Hunter down
  • "Down you boom!"
  • "On your knee-booms!"
Vault Hunter killed
  • "BOOM, NYAH!"
Shield depleted
  • "My boom shield!"
  • "I'm naked!"
  • "No booming shields!"
  • "Lost mah shields!"
  • "Where are the shields!"
In range of player grenade
  • "Thanks for the boom!"
  • "Boomer!"
Reaction to Gunzerking
  • "Two booms!"
  • "Dual booms!"
  • "So much booms!"
  • "Fistful of booms!"
  • "Why so boom?"
DoT inflicted
  • "You light my fuse!"
  • "Burn boom!"
  • "I'M LIT, I'M LIT!"
  • "Boom Boom, go boom..."


  • Boom and Bewm are considered as armored targets.
  • Boom and Bewm will always drop grenade mods and grenade ammunition when killed.
  • Killing Boom and Bewm without taking hits from Big Bertha completes the Make Boom Go Boom challenge.
  • Boom and Bewm are respawning enemies and have a higher chance to drop the legendary grenade mod Bonus Package.
    • As both have an increased chance to drop it, it is possible, though rare, for two Bonus Packages to drop from them.
  • They dropped the Hornet on Day 2 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt.
  • Bewm was featured in the Tales from the Borderlands episode Zer0 Sum.


  • Big Bertha (the cannon Boom uses) is a reference to the WWI, German Super-heavy howitzer of the same name.
  • Boom and Bewm's names, as well as their pose during their intro scene, is a reference to professional wrestler Kofi Kingston, who takes the same pose, and whose phrase (spoken during said pose) is "boom boom."
  • Until Boom and Bewm are met in person, they are spoken of as a single person.