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Boom Stick is a unique shotgun manufactured by Torgue.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

Beyond Groovy – Expends 6-round clip with one pull of the trigger to fire one rocket. Minimal accuracy.

Usage & Description[]

The Boom Stick can be bit tricky to use, as its nonexistent accuracy dramatically cuts its effective range, yet its splash damage can hit the character at point blank. It is best suited for short to medium range against a single large enemy or a tightly packed group of weaker enemies.

Drop Guide[]


  • May spawn with any accessory. See Carnage for the details about the effects of elemental accessories on this weapon.
  • May spawn with the Friendly Fire accessory. The weapon's title may appear as an un-prefixed "Fire." Like a normal Friendly Fire Carnage, the weapon will NOT be incendiary.
  • Will only fire in bursts of 6 shots with upgraded ammo capacities.


  • The name and red text is a reference to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead 2 movie. Ash, the main character, introduces a shotgun as his "boomstick" when traveling back in time, and commonly uses the word "groovy" when acknowledging an upgrade to his armaments.[1]


The Boom Stick effect comes from the BoomStick_barrel3_Carnage barrel. It is based on barrel3_Carnage. It provides a huge boost to accuracy, a light boost to damage, and severely penalizes spread. The Boom Stick always comes with mag4, and is made of BoomStick_Material, which is equivalent to Material_Torgue_2. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

BoomStick_barrel3_Carnage barrel3_Carnage
Accuracy Maximum: -30%
Accuracy Minimum: -30%
Damage: +600%
Spread: +100%
Burst Count: +6
Fire Rate: +400%
Reload Speed: +100%
Projectile Count: 1
Tech Level: -500
Accuracy Maximum: -30%
Accuracy Minimum: +30%
Damage: +500%
Spread: -50%

Projectile Count: 1
Tech Level: -500

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