Boom Puppy is a unique assault rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Torgue. Boom Puppy is obtained from the mission Walking the Dog.

Special Weapon Effects

Boom! Boom! Boom! BOOM! BOOOM!!!! GOOD DOGGY!!! – Fires a low velocity, bouncing grenade which explodes each time it bounces. The grenade continues bouncing for a number of seconds before detonating. The grenade arc behaves similar to a rubberized grenade mod rather than other grenade-firing assault rifles. Reduced fire rate and reload speed.

Usage & Description

The Boom Puppy is a Grenadier-style assault rifle modified by Tiny Tina. It features a purple-and-pink motif, heart-patterned paint job with Tiny Tina's "stitched bunny" emblem adorning the "fin" area of the gun. Like most Grenadier assault rifles, the Boom Puppy uses three ammo per shot.

The grenade shot by the Boom Puppy bounces in a predictable, if difficult to control pattern, similar to rubberized grenades or the Rolling Thunder. The key difference is that the height of each bounce is much higher than the bounce on a rubberized grenade, regardless of the height it was fired from. This makes it even more difficult to judge where the grenade will fall and inflict damage.

Due to the weapon's low fire rate and reload speed, alongside the grenade's unique traits, the Boom Puppy performs more like a conventional "grenade launcher". As a result, its maximum damage potential is in enclosed spaces where the highest number of impacts (and thus explosions) are likely to occur, though care must be taken that the grenade doesn't bounce back towards the weapon's wielder instead of their target. It is possible to use the Boom Puppy in outdoor or open locations, though its effectiveness diminishes.


  • An absorb shield can absorb multiple rockets from just one shot of the Boom Puppy due to the multiple explosion effect of the weapon.
  • A hotfix on Day 28 of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt increased the explosion radius of the Boom Puppy.


  • The Boom Puppy is one of the two unique Torgue-made rifles with projectiles that include grenade physics, the other being the KerBlaster.
  • The Boom Puppy is considered as a Tiny Tina weapon.
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