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Bone Shredder is a unique submachine gun in Borderlands manufactured by Tediore.

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Special Weapon Effects

The lead wind blows – Predefined build: Double accessory and scope.

Usage & Description

The Bone Shredder's only actual special effect is +4 rounds in the magazine. All of its other traits comes from its selection of predefined parts: It will always have a quality scope, and have the double accessory. All of its parts make for an above average gun.

The Bone Shredder is a unique gun that is dropped from Bone Head early in the Arid Badlands, and by Chaz in Lockdown Palace. This makes it an excellent gun to use for most of the game. For post-end game though, it is possible to find rare guns that outmatch the Bone Shredder in all aspects, in particular some highly accurate Double Stingers.


The Bone Shredder effect comes from the BoneShredder_mag5 magazine. It is made of the predefined parts sight2, barrel3 and acc4_double. The only non-predefined parts are the stock and body. The Bone shredder should normally be made of BoneShredder_Material, which would share traits with Tediore materials. A bug in the part generation system though makes the Bone Shredder spawn with TitleU_Bonehead_BoneShredder as its material, giving no modifier. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

BoneShredder_mag5 mag5 mag4
Clip Size: +22
Reload Speed: +40%
Tech Level: +1
Clip Size: +18
Reload Speed: +40%
Tech Level: +1
Clip Size: +27
Reload Speed: +60%


  • Will always be x2 projectiles fired, with 2.4x zoom.
  • May spawn with the Tediore Savior body, giving it ammo regeneration.
  • Because of a bug, the Bone Shredder has no Manufacturer traits: It does not reload as fast as a Tediore gun should, but doesn't suffer from reduced Damage and Accuracy either.
  • The Bone Shredder is a guaranteed drop from Bone Head and a random drop from Chaz. Bone Head is a respawning boss and can be farmed for Bone Shredder variants.
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