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Bone Head's Theft is the second of four story missions that must be performed in order for the Catch-A-Ride system to work. It involves obtaining the digistruct module from Bone Head.


"Damned if the Catch-A-Ride station ain't totally busted. Diagnostics report the primary Digistruct Module is missing. Without it, that station won't do diddly. I'd hit up Bone Head and his gang. They got a camp just down the road a bit, tucked away next to Fyrestone. I bet those sons of bitches took it. Get the Digistruct Module back from them and reinstall it into this station."



Bone Head's Theft

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Get the Digistruct Module from Bone Head.
  • Bone Head killed
  • Digistruct Module


Scooter reports that the Digistruct Module is missing from the Catch-A-Ride and it won't work without it. He suspects Bone Head and his gang took it. Travel down the road north west to Bone Head's outpost. It is situated behind Fyrestone, separated by fences and hills.

Bone Head and his gang can be pretty tough. It is recommended that some side missions be completed before doing this mission. The safest approach is to shoot at Bone Head from inside Fyrestone. To the right of the building with the weapons and ammo machines is a red sign with a big red X on it. Behind that sign is a small boulder offering a jump onto a larger bolder. From there Bone Head can be targeted from relative safety.

For a more confrontational approach, turn right out the gate and take the first path to the right. Stay near the end of this path without entering Bone Head's camp, and Bone Head will spawn without his gang, though when the Vault Hunters get close, his group will spawn and immediately become aggressive.

Bone Head is armed with the Bone Shredder, a unique SMG that fires two rounds at a time instead of one. He is also capable of using melee, in which he'll backflip kick the Vault Hunter near him. It's best to avoid getting up close because it deals an unusually high amount of damage.

There are also a few ramps inside the camp to seek cover while dealing with Bone Head and/or his gang.

Loot the camp and then pick up the Digistruct Module in a chest next to the larger building. Return to the Catch-A-Ride and complete the mission.


"See? It drops right in there. Any monkey can do it. Listen, thanks for savin' me all that trouble. I'm gonna set you up with an all-access Runner account. It'll keep you in a vehicle until my gratitude wears thin."

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  • Text on Digistruct Module Item: It is marked with a warning label that reads "Do not remove from the Catch-A-Ride unit, or equipment failure may result".