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Bone Head is one of Sledge's underlings holed up right next to Fyrestone. He is a bandit guarding the Digistruct Module for the Catch-A-Ride station in the Bone Head's Theft mission.


Bernard Rickenshaw picked up the name "Bone Head" at a young age for unknown reasons. Tired of people asking how he got his nickname, he began wearing skulls of the creatures and/or people he had killed over his face so that new acquaintances could extrapolate and answer for themselves, thus saving time.

One of Sledge's lieutenants, Bone Head had a long-standing rivalry with Nine-Toes. Sledge eventually grew tired of their bickering and issued them a challenge: whoever took over Fyrestone and killed the other would prove himself worthy to become Sledge's right-hand man. Bone Head is also rumored to practice Voodoo.[1]



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  • Bone Head is a respawning boss and drops the unique Bone Shredder submachine gun every time when he is killed.
  • In Borderlands 2, as a reference to the first game, a loader in Bone Head's former camp named Bone Head 2.0 takes his place and can also drop the Borderlands 2 version of the Bone Shredder.
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