Bone Head is one of Sledge's underlings holed up right next to Fyrestone. He is a bandit guarding the Digistruct Module for the Catch-A-Ride station in the Bone Head's Theft mission.


Bernard Rickenshaw picked up the name "Bone Head" at a young age for unknown reasons (he's quite intelligent and his head is absent of any bony protuberance that might warrant that name). Tired of people asking how he got his nickname, he began wearing skulls of the creatures and/or people he had killed over his face so that new acquaintances could extrapolate and answer for themselves, thus saving time.

One of Sledge's lieutenants, Bone Head had a long-standing rivalry with Nine-Toes. Sledge eventually grew tired of their bickering, and issued them a challenge: whoever took over Fyrestone and killed the other would prove himself worthy to become Sledge's right-hand man. Bone Head is also rumored to practice Voodoo.[1]



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  • He will drop the Bone Shredder upon death.
  • Bone Head is a respawning boss, and will always drop a new Bone Shredder every time he's killed.
  • In Borderlands 2, as a reference to the first game, a loader in Bone Head's former camp named Bone Head 2.0 takes his place. He also has a somewhat low chance to drop the Bone Shredder.
  • Tannis mentions that Bone Head was named like that because he does not know the word "Skull".

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