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The Bonded is a twisted cult based on Xylourgos that worships Gythian, a deceased Vault Monster whose heart continues to beat even after death. They serve as the main antagonists of the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3.


Originally beginning with the arrival of a research team headed by Vincent and Eleanor Olmstead, the group would finally discover the escaped and long dead Vault Monster known as Gythian. The research team would begin to excavate the Eridian ruins from which Gythian was believed to have escaped from and the monster itself. The research team would discover that Gythian's heart continued to beat, even after death, piquing the interests of the Olmsteads themselves, with Vincent more enthralled by this marvel than his beloved. However, exposure and study of the heart began to mentally change Vincent, eventually causing him to venture off to the heart before being absorbed into the crystalline structure of the heart itself. Stricken by shock and grief, Eleanor began attempts to bring back Vincent, beginning with a shard of the heart itself, then creating a pair of rings rife with Gythian' paracausal power. Finally meeting Vincent once again after luring a man named Harrington into wearing it, they would continue their research together. Soon, the pair would create the Bonded as a means of drawing in new potential vessels for Vincent and to create a new dominion under the will and influence of Gythian.


Following an ill-timed and fated run in with the Bonded and their leaders, Vincent and Eleanor, Wainwright Jakobs would end up stuck with the cursed ring. Beginning with this bond, the Bonded and their remaining leader would relentlessly attempt to seize the Vincent-possessed Wainwright and stop the Vault Hunter(s) from finding a way to sever the link between Vincent and Wainwright. Thus, the Bonded serve as the primary antagonists of the Guns, Love, and Tentacles expansion of Borderlands 3.

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