For the Headhunter DLC in Borderlands 2, see TK Baha's Bloody Harvest.

Bloody Harvest is a seasonal (October 24, 2019 - December 5, 2019) Halloween themed event in Borderlands 3.



As a part of the event any enemy can become Haunted. Upon death, Haunted enemies release one of three types of ghosts that will attack and inflict the Terror debuff (indicated by a green mist around the HUD) on contact.

Terror negatively affects accuracy.

The three different types of Ghosts are distinguished by their color as follows:

  • Ghost (green) - Charges directly at the Vault Hunters after floating aimlessly for a few seconds.
  • Badass Ghost (red) - Fires red cryo projectiles at the Vault Hunters, eventually charging at them.
  • Loot Ghost (yellow) - Floats around erratically for several seconds before flying in a direction and vanishing.  

All three types are resistant to Cryo damage.

Ghosts drop new type of Anointed equipment that allows benefiting from the otherwise harmful Terror effect.

A new event NPC, Maurice, will appear on Sanctuary III. He will give the mission Bloody Harvest: Descent into Heck to the Vault Hunters, where they will gather samples of Hecktoplasm from killed ghosts. Eventually the quest will allow access to a new area, Heck, where the Vault Hunters will face the new boss enemy, Captain Haunt.

After killing Captain Haunt and returning to Maurice, the quest can be repeated indefinitely as Bloody Harvest: The Rebloodening by talking to Maurice again.

Heck can only be accessed as a part of Descent into Heck or The Rebloodening.

Four new exclusive legendary items were added as a part of the event, and can only be dropped by event enemies:


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