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For Mordecai's skill in Borderlands, see Bloodwing.

Bloodwing is a boss in Borderlands 2.


Handsome Jack captures Bloodwing during the events of Borderlands 2, and uses slag to mutate her, increasing her size considerably and endowing her with all five elemental effects. She is able to survive the first four 'rounds' of combat (slag, fire, shock, and corrosion) against the Vault Hunters. When Mordecai sedates her, Jack kills her by detonating the explosive collar around her neck.



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  • If a Sabre Turret occupies the spot on which Bloodwing lands, Bloodwing may glitch into the ground below the turret, making it impossible to access her collar and retrieve Claptrap's upgrade. If players save-quit the game and travel back to Bloodwing, she will be lying in her proper spot and the mission can be completed.
  • Subsequent visits will have Son of Mothrakk appear in the Observation Wing instead.
  • Bloodwing's headless body can later be found displayed on a pedestal in Opportunity next to the Living Legend Plaza.
  • Changing Bloodwing's form counts as a Second Wind.