Bloodwing Attacking a Bandit

The Bloodwing is Mordecai's pet as well as the name of his species and active ability. With this ability, Mordecai can send his Bloodwing out to attack an enemy and then return.


  • By improving different branches of Mordecai's skill tree, certain aspects of Bloodwing can be upgraded, such as damage and speed (Swift Strike), as well as the maximum number of targets Bloodwing can attack in one deployment (Bird of Prey). The initial maximum number of targets is one, but can be increased to six with skills and up to ten with a class mod. The initial cooldown time is 28 seconds, but can be decreased to 1 second with a Ranger mod giving +4 to an already maxed-out Predator skill. Bloodwing can also be upgraded to cause enemies to drop extra money, health, and/or ammo when attacked (Swipe).
  • Releasing Bloodwing to attack a single opponent, provided that Bird of Prey is utilized, is not an efficient use of the skill. Bloodwing will attack the enemy only once then circle until the timer is up then return. When facing a single opponent it may be best to send out Bloodwing, let him attack, then recall him to begin the skill cooldown.
  • Bloodwing is useful for attacking enemies that are behind cover, or if Mordecai is pinned down. However, Bloodwing isn't always able to attack an enemy if it is out of sight of the player as it usually attacks the enemy that is in Mordecai's reticle or cross hair.
  • When Bloodwing attacks, it will make a sound similar to that of a hawk or an eagle. Bloodwing has a limited range and will not attack targets at a great distance.
  • Bloodwing is extremely useful in clearing out burrowed Spiderants and Scythids before they surface and potentially surround the player.
  • Bloodwing can be used as a healing source. The Out For Blood skill allows Bloodwing to take a percentage of the damage he deals in an attack back to the character where it is converted back to health. Bloodwing will make a loud wing-flapping sound as it returns to the character. Fully maxed and used in addition to Swift Strike, Bird of Prey, and Predator this effect can be devastating to enemies.
  • Bloodwing can be upgraded with Explosive, Corrosive, Incendiary, and Shock elemental damage when Eridian Artifacts are applied. This damage is relative to the character's level.
  • Bloodwing is the only action skill that will not be cancelled if the character becomes crippled. This means that if he is in flight before Mordecai is crippled, it is possible for Bloodwing to damage or kill enemies for a Second Wind. Bloodwing can even attack before the bleedout timer starts, avoiding short bleed out times if needed. This only applies if he has already acquired a target and started its attack run. If Bloodwing is not currently tracking any target the ability will be cancelled per usual. [citation needed]
  • Attacks by Bloodwing that kill their target will not initiate aggro from other nearby enemies, even rakk sharing the same roost as the victim.


  • "Someone's getting a treat!"
  • "Haha! Good boy!"
  • "That's my boy!"
  • "Give 'em hell, Bloodwing!"
  • "Like my pet, huh?"
  • "You looking at Bloodwing? Huh? They looking at you, boy?"
  • "Get 'em, Blood!"

Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Main article: Eggcellent Opportunity!

There is a mission located in Jakobs Cove which involves killing zombified Bloodwings called Corpse Eaters and collecting the bloodwing eggs they drop. They attack much like rakk but are nowhere near as deadly as Mordecai's Bloodwing.



  • Bloodwings are highly sought after as exotic pets by animal trainers. Unfortunately, most Bloodwings never take a liking to humans and tend to kill their would-be trainers, making the number of trained Bloodwings extremely rare.
  • Bloodwings appear to be an endangered species. Mordecai's wanted poster states that he is charged with "Possession of Endangered Species." The poster also offers an extra reward with "another million for that annoying bird" written in red.

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