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Bloodsplosion is the Tier 6 gamechanger skill in Krieg's Bloodlust skill tree.


Killing an enemy causes them to explode with an elemental nova matching the element of the damage that killed it (explosive/non-elemental damage will cause an explosive nova). Overkill damage is added to this damage. Each Bloodlust stack increases this damage by 5%.


  • The nova can be triggered with a melee attack.
  • Each nova has a delay of about 1 second before it actually causes a damaging explosion; however, Incendiary novas explode and deal damage almost instantly.
  • Krieg does not take damage from any novas created, although the particle effects can obscure aiming while inside one.
  • A Bloodsplosion nova can trigger another Bloodsplosion nova if an enemy is killed by one, causing chain reactions to occur.
    • It is possible to kill a raid boss in one hit by chaining Bloodsplosion novas. By creating a chain of enemies and starting a Bloodsplosion at the furthest enemy, the overkill damage from the subsequent nova adds up and the final explosion will have enough damage to kill the raid boss, so long as there are enough enemies within range.
    • This effect can be further amplified by gaining Bloodlust stacks.
    • Slagged enemies add to the overkill damage. Slag Bloodsplosion novas can also be created by killing an enemy with slag which will slag other enemies nearby before the nova kills them.
    • Points in Strip the Flesh, Taste of Blood and Fuel the Blood will accrue many Bloodlust stacks instantly from a Buzz Axe Rampage attack and boost the nova, and the following overkill-damage.
      • A gun with a high fire rate and low damage can quickly gain Bloodlust stacks before killing the first enemy.
    • Bloodsplosion can be very effective against shielded enemies when paired with the Black Hole, Storm or Shock Norfleet, or, if using a shield that grants immunity to Shock damage, Quasar grenade mod. Other area of effect grenade mods, particularly legendary-or-rarer Maliwan and Vladof mods (e.g. Chain Lightning, Pandemic or Crossfire) also make Bloodsplosion useful for crowd control, provided elemental immunity is provided by a shield; care should be taken when wielding an Incendiary version at close range, unless one is willing to nullify most of Krieg's Hellborn skill tree with a shield granting Incendiary immunity such as an Inflammable Flame of the Firehawk.
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