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The Bloodshot Stronghold is a location in Borderlands 2 which Vault Hunters must traverse through during the story mission A Dam Fine Rescue.

Located inside of the what was once the Dahl 3rd Brigade Memorial Dam, the Bloodshot Stronghold serves as a makeshift base for the Bloodshot faction. The dam has long since fallen into a decrepit state under Bloodshot control.


Common Enemies[]

Notable Enemies[]

Points of Interest[]

Rat's Nest[]

The Rat's Nest is accessible upon acceptance of the mission Splinter Group issued from Patricia Tannis. It is reached via a newly opened floodgate on the lower level of the first "turbine room" in Bloodshot Stronghold. The path exposed provides an alternate route through the Stronghold until the "Satan's Suckhole" area, rejoining the main area through a one-way door. There is also a small puzzle with five lights that spawns Flinter, a Rat miniboss, when solved (solution here).

Satan's Suckhole[]

Satan's Suckhole is a cylindrical room dominated by a giant outflow whirlpool of water in the center. During A Dam Fine Rescue, it will be necessary to ascend the sides of this room and exit through a door on an upper floor.

Knocking an enemy into the whirlpool completes the "Give it a Whirl" challenge.