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The Bloodshot Ramparts is an area in Borderlands 2. It is located on top of the Bloodshot Dam.


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Shrine of the Gunbringer[]

Shrine of the Gunbringer

The shrine in the Ramparts.

The Shrine of the Gunbringer is located at the end of Bloodshot Ramparts behind the one-way Fast Travel terminal there. The bandits inhabiting the area refer to Marcus Kincaid as "The Gunbringer" and have erected this shrine in honour of him. ECHO recordings of the story behind the shrine can be found in various locations inside the Bloodshot Stronghold.

The shrine has a sacrifice pit that allows one member of a team to sacrifice another, and generate some loot in the process. The sacrifice is done by having one team member climb into the pit, while another throws the nearby lever. This causes a trap door to slam shut on the victim and then they get incinerated inside. The process can take from 30 seconds to a minute, depending on how many characters are in the hole. After the sacrifice is finished loot from Eridium to items ranging from white to purple rarity will appear around the shrine.

The sacrifice pit can only be used once per entry into the ramparts. If it was activated with nobody inside, the shrine will say "You gotta gimme something to work with!".


  • A shield that is immune to fire will protect the wearer from incineration in the sacrifice pit. If a teammate is also in the pit, a revive can happen many times giving experience and/or challenge rewards.
    • Maya can Res a teammate in the pit with line of sight through a crack.
    • If a character has a shield that is immune to fire and a full inventory then the game must be exited and re-entered in order not to lose items.
  • It is possible to gain rewards from the sacrifice pit if one out of two characters in the pit leave the game instead of dying.
  • The presence of entries such as "The wise Marcus demands tribute! Get some more cash!" or "I got no recipes for that gear. Try something else!" within the gamefiles indicates that the sacrifice pit was supposed to accept cash and gear as sacrificial offerings as well, similar to the way the Sacrificial Altar in Dragon Keep does.
  • It is possible for Vault Hunters to sacrifice themselves by climbing partially down the ladder and aiming at the switch. Toggling it while descending pushes the Vault Hunter into the pit as the doors close and completes the sacrifice, spawning the items when the Vault Hunter dies.