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Bloodshed is Zer0's third skill tree, of three. The Bloodshed tree focuses on melee attacks. His other skill trees are Cunning and Sniping.


Tier 1
  • Killing Bl0w - Massively increases Melee Damage against enemies with low health.
  • Ir0n Hand - Increases your Melee Damage and Maximum Health.
Tier 2
  • Grim - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy causes your shields to quickly regenerate and increases your Action Skill Cooldown Rate for a few seconds.
  • Be Like Water - Shooting an enemy increases the damage of your next melee attack. Melee attacks increase the damage of your next shot.
Tier 3
  • F0ll0wthr0ugh - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases your Movement Speed, Melee Damage, and Gun Damage for a few seconds.
  • Execute - Melee Override Skill. While Decepti0n is active and a target is under your crosshairs, press V to dash forward a short distance and perform a special melee strike, dealing massive damage.
  • Backstab - Your melee attacks deal additional damage when hitting an enemy in the back.
Tier 4
  • Resurgence - Killing an enemy with a melee attack restores health. The lower your health, the more health you receive.
Tier 5
  • Like The Wind - While moving, you deal increased Melee Damage and Gun Damage.
Tier 6
  • Many Must Fall - Killing an enemy with a melee attack while Decepti0n is active causes you to deploy another holographic decoy, re-stealth, and adds time to Decepti0n's duration. This can be done multiple times in succession.

Zer0 skills
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