Blood Sport is the Tier four talent in Brick's Brawler tree. For every skill point put into Blood Sport, the player will regenerate 2% of their maximum health whenever they kill an enemy while in Berserk mode. It caps out at a 10% health regeneration per kill with five points invested, or 18% with 5 skill points and a +4 Blood Sport Berserker class mod.

Skill Progression

Health regeneration 2%4%6%8%10%

Additional levels may be acquired through the use of class mods.

Health regeneration 12%14%16%18%


This is a useful skill during assaults on bandit camps or large groups of creatures, as Blood Sport gives staying power through health. That being said, Blood Sport is entirely dependent on making kills to keep health going which, in multiplayer, isn't easy to do (the skill activates with the final blow). Always keep in mind how many enemies are left and their levels. If all that is left is a couple of Bad-Asses (Or Bad Muthas or Super Bads), a more defensive approach is advisable.

This skill synergizes very well with the Juggernaut skill in Brick's Tank tree. On a kill, Blood Sport will trigger rapid health regeneration while Juggernaut increases your damage resistance and protects you from incoming damage, combining to give you a significant boost in your Berserker's lifespan when surrounded by enemies.


  • Blood Sport's healing effect stacks when enemies are rapidly killed one after another. As the healing takes place over about one second, this also effectively raises the rate of healing during the overlap of multiple procs of Blood Sport.
  • The healing effect is similar to the familiar Insta-Health Vials dropped by slain enemies, or purchased from Med Vendors, and likewise multiple Blood Sport procs behave similarly to picking up multiple Insta-Healths.

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