Blood Soaked Shields is one of Gaige's Tier Two Ordered Chaos skills, which causes her to forfeit a percentage of health to recharge her shields whenever she kills an enemy.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Shield Restoration +20% +40% +60% +80% +100%
Health Loss -1% -2% -3% -4% -5%

There are no class mods that boost this skill beyond 5 levels.


With one point in this skill, killing an enemy will immediately recharge 20% of Gaige's shield, but subtract 1% of her current health in the process. Even if Gaige's shields are full, this effect does trigger and Gaige will lose a percentage of her current health.

While the amount of boost given to the shield is based on the shield's maximum capacity, the amount subtracted from Gaige's health is not based on her maximum health, but her current health. This means the numerical amount of health lost becomes smaller as Gaige takes more damage, effectively preventing health loss past a certain (very low) level.


This ability works well with amp shields with only 1-2 points invested, allowing Gaige to rapidly fire amped shots. Combined with Interspersed Outburst, it can make a powerful sniping build. Alternately, at level 5, it works well with a close-combat build using a nova shield. Gaige will constantly be firing off a nova, getting a kill, losing her shield, and repeating. This is only effective in a large swarm and under heavy fire.

Cooking Up Trouble is helpful as it can regenerate the lost health; however, investing in the Ordered Chaos tree also means Gaige loses the ability to reload at will and may have to deliberately expend the current magazine, trigger Discord, or forfeit all anarchy stacks to start regenerating health. This can be avoided by using weapons that have a small magazine to maintain the health regeneration.

Another way to eliminate the downside of this skill is through the use of Captain Blade's Otto Idol. This relic restores more health than the amount deducted with 5 points in the skill. However, it has the side effect of reducing Gaige's second wind time by 3 seconds.


  • Deathtrap's kills do not trigger Blood Soaked Shields.
  • When Gaige is slagged, the health cost triggered by Blood Soaked Shields is doubled in Normal and True Vault Hunter Mode or tripled in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

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