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Blood From A Stone is the first story mission in the Bounty of Blood, a downloadable content pack for the Borderlands 3.


"Calling all gunslingers! Seems someone sheriff wants to hunt down the notorious Devil Riders gang. There's a bounty of blood with your name on it -- if you're up to the challenge that is."



  • Navigate to Gehenna
  • Use drop pod
  • Go to town
    • Investigate whistling
    • Talk to stranger
    • Follow Rose
    • Kill devils
    • Follow Rose
    • Kill devils
    • Check on Rose and Toge
    • Kill Prime Abbadon
    • Check on Rose and Toge
    • Follow Rose
  • Talk to Titus
  • Go to saloon
  • Talk to barkeep (optional)


  • Shoot out player piano (optional)
    • Punch Drunk William
    • Participate in bar brawl
    • Punch bar patrons (3)
  • Talk to sheriff
  • Follow sheriff
    • Shoot off hat
  • Defend the Obsidian Stone
  • Defend the market
  • Return to the sheriff
  • Revive the Sheriff
  • Take sheriff badge



  • The "Punch Drunk William" mission objective must be fulfilled with a character's melee attack. Iron Bear's Bear Fist does not count as a melee attack.
  • Mission items: Sheriff Badge


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