Blood Drive is a story mission in Borderlands 3 given by Lilith.


"The Calypsos have kidnapped Tannis and are going to execute her for the entertainment of their followers for an Eridium pledge drive! Unless you can stop them, they'll use that Eridium to charge the Pandora Vault Key! Also, Tannis will die, which is also bad, so maybe you should stop them."



  • Return to The Droughts on Pandora
  • Go to Devil's Razor
  • Destroy gate with vehicle
  • Go to Roland's Rest
  • Meet Vaughn
  • Go to Splinterlands
  • Drive onto conveyor
  • Start conveyor
  • Go to Big Donny's Chop Shop
  • Find Big Donny
  • Kill Big Donny
  • Take car keys
  • Use crane controls
  • Drive golden chariot
  • Drive chariot to Carnivora gate
  • Start conveyor
  • Get into Carnivora Festival
  • Enter Carnivora gates
  • Catch up to Carnivora
  • Stall the Carnivora
    • Destroy fuel lines (3)
    • Kill supporting crew
    • Destroy transmission
    • Clear remaining crew
    • Destroy main tank
  • Board Carnivora
  • Find Tannis
  • Choose your intro music
  • Enter arena
  • Destroy Agonizer 9000
  • Kill Pain
  • Kill Terror
  • Talk to Tannis



"I had intended to keep this as a secret, but... best laid plans, robotic murder machine... well, you were there. And now the whole galaxy knows, I'm a star! See you back aboard Sanctuary, Vault Hunter. Oh, and... thank you. For the rescue."

Turn In: Tannis


  • Mission item: Big Donny's Keys
  • The named Bandit Technical spawned by Carnivora will carry the Jet Booster vehicle upgrade, which is only available in this mission. Prior to the March 26 2020 patch, this was the only way to get the Jet Booster.

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