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Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 20 January 2020

the way forward

the purpose of this blog is two fold. first id like to see if anyone is reading or monitoring blogs on this wiki. and b, would anyone like to discuss the upcoming changes to fandom's mediawiki?

additionally if anyone here remembers monobook and or monaco this would be a place to discuss UCP.

for urgent messages im available on the discord.

15:38, January 20, 2020 (UTC)

what is UCP?

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Tappyborderlandsgirl Tappyborderlandsgirl 11 December 2019

How to make the Queen's and King's calls better

In staed of having the Queen's and King's call Consumes 3 ammo per shot have them Consume 1 ammo per shot like Rowan's Call and Lucian's Call for better dps  

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Tappyborderlandsgirl Tappyborderlandsgirl 19 November 2019

Maliwantakedown is in two days get ready for mayham 4

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Tephra Tephra 3 July 2019

Fandom Discord

Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

In order to join, you must do the following:

  1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
  2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
  3. Join at
  4. Follow the #verification process on the server

This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff, users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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Tephra Tephra 15 May 2019

New Wiki Manager

Hi! My name is Tephra, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Borderlands Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my talk page.

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ParkerWhite2000 ParkerWhite2000 4 April 2019

What is the best character build for Borderlands 2

I'm wanting to know what is the best character build for Zer0, Axton, Maya, and Salvodor in Borderlands 2. Contact me at or message me at my Fandom account, ParkerWhite2000

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NinjaFatGuy NinjaFatGuy 29 March 2019

New Wiki Design

Hey there, I'm NinjaFatGuy, an admin over on wikis such as The Last of Us, Titanfall, and a former Wikia Star. I would like to begin the discussion on a new design for the Borderlands Wiki. I frequently visited this wiki for many years and found a lot of information I set out to find, however, one thing that kinda unsettled me was the design of the wiki.

It's not that it is a poor design, but however, I personally don't believe the design represents those vibrant orange, red, and yellow colors we see often connected to Borderlands, as well as nothing that represents the series than the dull vault symbol used on both sides for the background. The logo is also not reminiscent of the series as it's simply white and the only thing that I believe s…

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Kurtdawg13 Kurtdawg13 20 March 2019

Misinformation and Gibbed Gear/Item(s)

I'm creating this blog in an effort to keep the information in here as accurate as possible and removing/elliminating the misinformation as I/We come across it.  There are several gibbed/illegitimate items in the Talk Page of Borderlands Weapons.  Aries, Avenger(Combat Rifle), Typhoon just to name a few I've come across myself.  I'm about to start removing them and explaining why in my edit(s).  This is an attempt to right the wrongs I'm finding in here.  There doesn't seem to be a "checks and balance" for posting pics and information in here.  Contructed/Gibbed/Modded is all the same.  Yes, technically PC players have that advantage, but console players do not.  As a community, we should stick together in the information regarding this an…

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Supoz Supoz 8 February 2019

i wanna add something in krieg's page but i dont know how

i wanted to add the fact that the game code thinks his buzzaxe is a bandit pistol but idk how

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Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 12 June 2018

The Borderlands Wiki Chat Discord Server

users primarily from blands /d have created a discord server for the wiki. it is available for free here.

Discord is a free application for iOS, Android, PC, Mac(public test) & Linux(public test) available here.

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Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 17 May 2018

the language on /discuss

for the readers at home - the moderators of /discuss have asked if expletives are to be allowed on borderlands wiki /d and the evil dr f has asked that expletives be allowed unless Original Poster (of the(any) discussion in question) has stated or requested otherwise. flame not, lest you be flamed. do onto others and so on so forth.

if you agree or disagree please feel free to post as you will below 06:10, May 17, 2018 (UTC)

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GruffKibbles89 GruffKibbles89 1 May 2018

Early B-day gift

I got the Borderlands TPS season pass yesterday and can't wait till later. It was at 6:35 PM I bought it and it took a min but not all the dlcs were downloaded don't know if thats how it works first time getting a season pass. The claptastic dlc part one took an hour to download so I played it for like 45-60 min befor I went to sleep as I was tired, the Doppelganger dlc was installed so that will be fun to try. 

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Baron Joshua Baron Joshua 17 April 2018

Anticipating Borderlands 3: What I desire and what I dread

Borderlands 3

When we got the Pre-Sequel I am sure we where all, regardless of any gripes, happy to have another game in the series and when 2K Australia went under before they could provide us with Pandoracorn Wonder I'm sure we where concerned. But over the years the community has thrived- it has remained strong. With news that Borderlands 3 is coming next year (a rumor perhaps as I've not confirmed the statement) I've decided to write the following;

  • 1 What I imagine the story will be;
  • 2 Characters I Imagine;
    • 2.1 Playable
    • 2.2 Not Returning
    • 2.3 First Appearance
  • 3 Small things I'd love to see;
  • 4 Dread

It's Promethia, which has fallen deeper into lawless maddness following the disestablishment of ATLAS. But there is hope for some- a new face - an old name-…

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GruffKibbles89 GruffKibbles89 1 March 2018

My people need me

I have started a melee Athena and just killed Squat with a but slam and 1 shot him but he left Elpis and flew in to space if any one finds him you know why. Another build for melee I am making is a claptrap build so that's fun as he is less melee oriented the Athena when it comes to skills. But be warned about the dead Squat flying around he may hit you in the back of the head!

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GruffKibbles89 GruffKibbles89 3 January 2018

TPS pre order in 2017

Got the preorder bonus of Tps from Amazon new. Code was with it so Amazon has alot of stuff. With my new conttroler I got skyrim as well so Amazon 10/10

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N1NAJN33R N1NAJN33R 19 November 2017

Wishlist and suggestions for Borderlands 3

Characters list could be massive this time around.

Gyro chopter/buzzard should be a usable vehicle.

Vehicles should be upgradable with skill tree perks with certain characters.

Combining loot and other weapons into stronger customizable gear could be a fun option.

Slot machines are still fun for random loot drops.

Bring back alien guns and other tech.

Minor loot auto sell to Marcus on the field, with minor price drop for convenience.

Maps should have different planets with Vaults, Gravity, plants, Aliens, creatures, with one or two dominant companies fighting for vault rights.


Tiny Tina, explosion skills

Mr. Tourgue Flexington, Extreme Explosion skills, PUNCH-PLOSION SKILL.

Tina clones Roland , Lillith is not amused. "You can't clone my b…

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Sega010 Sega010 14 October 2017

Gaige Build - Strong BFF and Elemental Boost

  • 1 Skills Distribution
    • 1.1 Best Friends Forever
    • 1.2 Little Big Trouble
    • 1.3 Ordered Chaos
  • 2 Equipment
    • 2.1 Weapons
    • 2.2 Relic
    • 2.3 Shield
  • 3 External Links

  • Cooking Up Trouble [5/5]
  • Fancy Mathematics [5/5]
  • Potent as a Pony [5/5]
  • Upshot Robot [1/1]
  • Unstoppable Force [5/5]
  • Explosive Clap [1/1]
  • Made of Sterner Stuff [5/5]
  • 20% Cooler [2/5]
  • Sharing is Caring [5/5]

  • More Pep [5/5]
  • Myelin [5/5]
  • Shock Storm [5/5]
  • The Stare [1/1]
  • Strength of Five Gorillas [5/5]
  • Electrical Burn [5/5]
  • Wires Don't Talk [5/5]
  • Interspersed Outburst [5/5]
  • Make it Sparkle [1/1]

Development of this skill tree is not provided.

  • patient prodigy class mod blue

  • any element shotgun, excluding Shock
  • shock smg
  • any grenade that isn't slag
  • shock gentelmen's Pimpernel
  • shock Fibber

  • Bone of the Ancients

  • Antagonist

  • Source

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Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 16 March 2017

Wikia Modernization Test(s)

Central will be adding video tests on 10 article pages, using placement options like the one on Harry Potter Wiki's List of spells page. Those pages are:

  • We would like your permission to run tests around changed article styles, like the navigation menu, across the whole wiki.
  • Tests will change throughout the process and adjust as we learn more.
  • Give us feedback any time…
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SpittaKillaGaming SpittaKillaGaming 23 January 2017

If you want a Skullmasher Sniper Rifle in Borderlands 2, This post is for you!

A player by the name of Darkdemon8910, Whom was participating in #TheHunt2017, recently discovered that the Skullmasher does indeed drop from Rakkanoth in the "Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt" DLC. He claimed to have seen it drop several times from the boss while farming him via dashboarding. Joltzdude also made a video on this and has gotten it to drop for himself, further proving this to be real. This is good news for anyone struggling to farm Son of Mothrakk as he is very difficult to farm and his loot has a high probability of glitching through the floor. Rakkanoth also makes sense to drop the sniper as he also shares Mothrakk's skin drops as well. But be advised, Rakkanoth does not respawn so make sure to dashboard or Alt+F4 if he does…

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Gobo333 Gobo333 13 May 2016

Glitched Se7en easter egg

After I discovered Se7en easter egg in bandit's camp in the dust every single box in this map has got Gwens head

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MtMB MtMB 8 April 2016

Fan made stuff

Since fanons not allowed here I guess same goes for fan arts, obviously they aren't part of games itself.

Another questions is: are fan made models references and comparisons allowed on this wikia?

User Avenger85438 recently updated some pages adding model comparisons pictures I made (here's original post on my tumblr), they later were uploaded on RU wikia but we allow any visual reference stuff.

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TheUkrainianBard TheUkrainianBard 8 March 2016

Inner mechanics of Shields (Borderlands 2)

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Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 21 November 2015

The Active Bureaucrat

One assumes that all is as peaceful as can be expected in a rule by committee organization? As the resident tie breaker and self appointed tyrant of the wiki I remind everyone that complaints regarding users are reportable to myself and active sysops. Complaints regarding sysops may be addressed to me. Complaints regarding policies (to which you are all bound I might add) may be addressed to me. Complaints concerning myself or complaints regarding the sysops that users feel i have not handled must be taken to Wikia Central for resolution.

Also a reminder that while trolling and use of adult/offensive language is allowed on any non-article page; threats to an(y) identifiable person or property and pattern tyrannizing (what is called "bul…

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OneTonSoup OneTonSoup 13 October 2015

My Top 10 Zer0 Heads

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hay whats going on guys ive already done a fnaf blog so now lets talk about... BORDERLANDS only 1 because i havent played the others just yet so now .. i give you. . my thoughts....

so borderlands one... how can i put it... a masterpiece. it was probbly thee most interactive game that ive played and its not the kind of shooter youd think it is... borderlands has a feel of well... adventure like true adventure. so in the beguining you get greeted by an amazinng cutseen and an awsome charicter choise... i chose mordecai and my friend played as roland with for us is the best combo... so after a bit of beating boses in fyrestone you go to new areas and new places and its just a blast! so i played more and more until we were ready to fight moe a…

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Kaushiktalukdar Kaushiktalukdar 26 July 2015

Digi Peak - Gaige OP7 to OP8

I had a love hate relation with Gaige. Initially i loved her cause of deathtrap. Then i hated her as DT was not a tank. Then i loved her again as with moxxi guns (kitten) & DT's help was excellent for mobbing. Then in Digistruct Peak, was turning out to be a failure. Elemental guns were not killing things fast enough. And i was dying a lot. A LOT.

But then something happened. I dumped elemental and got myself a DPUH. Rest everything remained almost same. And was back on the killing train. Things started dropping fast. Not because of DPUH but DT. He was on a rampage, so was I. Rest of the team was enjoying vacation.

And today, after a gap of a month, tried Digistruct Peak as my Gaige was stuck in OP7 for quite sometime. Failing to get past Du…

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Kaushiktalukdar Kaushiktalukdar 21 July 2015

Twister/OOO Farming (Express Edition)

  1. Twister is a rare drop from OOO aka Omnd-Omnd-Ohk (hate that name).
  2. OOO can only evolve from Badass Savage (Badass Savage --> SBA Savage --> UBA Savage --> OOO) when leveled up by Witch Doctor.
  3. If UB Savage heals (healing trail) instead of turning into OOO when leveled up, it can’t turn into OOO. Just like Vermi.
  4. OOO is extremely rare hence 4p trick is highly recommended. Still it’ll take more than one hour even if using this guide.
  5. Twister’s drop rate is around 20-25%. So 4-5 kills should result in a drop.
  6. Witch doctor will do the tornado/twister act after each level up.
  7. If 2 level ups are performed on any savage within a couple of seconds, the second level up will not be registered.
  8. Witch doctor only levels up the Savage group it is part of. So…
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Izreall Izreall 29 June 2015

Community Written Story: The Vault of Odysseus

The Story is accepting (2-3 more Vault Hunters)

  • Kane, the Warp-lock (Action Skill: Blinkfest)
  • Mercy, the Voice of Judgement (Action Skill: Phase-Smite)
  • Hamada, the Blademaster (Action Skill: Honorable Combat)
  • Glitch, the A.I. (Action Skill: BL4CK-B1RD)



Tales from Odysseus.

Marcus: What do you mean you want a story about Vault Hunters not in Pandora.

Marcus: Sigh...fine. Marcus: After the Warrior was slain a Vault was opened on a planet known as Odysseus.

Marcus: The Vault contained nothing, but the spark of the growth of a priceless liquid metal all over the planet.

Marcus: The Vladof corporation then came and fought over the liquid metal.

Marcus: Vladof eventual…

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WesselPot WesselPot 30 May 2015

How did you beat Terramorphous?

So, before you comment that this blog post has already been made, I am too lazy to scroll down and see if it's already made.

So, how did you manage to beat Terry? I did it today with a level 53 Cataclysm and Harmony based Siren. My weapon stats are:

Stopping Plasma Caster (Smg) (E-Tech) (Dahl)

Damage: 7140

Accuracy: 91.6

Fire Rate: 7.1

Reload Speed: 2.5

Magazine Size: 55

Burn Dmg/Sec: 3605.9

Chance to Ignite: 12.0%

Barking Railer (Sniper) (E-Tech) (Maliwan)

Damage: 26179

Accuracy: 95.1

Fire Rate: 2.9

Reload Speed: 4.0

Magazine Size: 6

Electrocute Dmg/Sec: 3606.1

Chance to Shock: 45.0%

Redy Stedy Oberkill! (Shotgun) (Purple) (Bandit)

Damage: 7393x17

Accuracy: 17.3

Fire Rate: 0.9

Reload Speed: 4.1

Magazine Size: 16

Pokee Doke Duuurp! (Rocket Launcher) (Green) (Tor…

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Ducksoup Ducksoup 21 May 2015

New Infoboxes and You!

Hey all!

Admin and talented physician Dr. Clayton Forrestor asked me to write a short blog post about the new infoboxes. It's pretty simple, really: One of my Wikia coworkers likes to say that "we should be able to display Wikia content on a washing machine". It's tongue-in-cheek, I take his point well: the breadth and depth of devices that we need to support is only growing.

Right now, our approach is, essentially, to backfill mobile solutions as necessary. That's gone OK for a while - some infoboxes, especially ones that are more than two rows, don't fare so well - but it's certainly not a long-term strategy, especially for how quickly mobile traffic is starting to take off.

We absolutely do not want to change the basic intent of Infoboxes.…

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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 22 April 2015

Fan Facts: You Don't Know Handsome Jack

Love him or hate him, the conniving Handsome Jack is definitely one of the Borderlands universe's most enigmatic personalities. To celebrate the character, we asked you, the esteemed members of the Borderlands Wikia community, to submit your favorite trivia related to the self-appointed dictator of Pandora for this latest edition of Wikia Fan Facts!

Check out the top ten Fan facts below!

Jack's father left at an early age, and his mother gave Jack up to his grandmother. Jack later says he killed his mother. –Awkwarddingo

His left eye is green and right blue.. with the mask, they're opposite. –Mythicmyrrh Daggerox

His gradmother drowned his cat. And his grandmother disciplined him with a buzz axe. –StoppedDesert8

Jack describes wearing his mask lik…

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Kaushiktalukdar Kaushiktalukdar 19 April 2015

My "CRAZY" Borderlands 3 Wishlist

Why crazy? Well, BL2 was crazy fun. So should be BL3. And i believe best way to make BL3 "crazy" is to add my ideas ;)

  1. [More RPG] By RPG i don't mean talking about some dude's personal life or if he like Coffee or Soft Drinks. I need to take down a boss. I can either go head to head against it at full strength or do a side quest to weaken him or disable some of its attacks before taking him down. Possibilities are infinite. 2
  2. [My Game, My Way] How i reach a new area say Arid Nexus Badlands is upto me. I can either overload the pumps and hit the pipe with my vehicle or fight my way through some Rat infested tunnel to Badlands. Give me the choice and i'll find my way out but both ways will have one thing in common: Both will be fun.
  3. [Feature fro…
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Kaushiktalukdar Kaushiktalukdar 26 March 2015

Borderlands 3 - Things we know

We know GBX has announced they are hiring for BL3, and production on the game is yet to be started.

True right? Wrong. Production = coding, artist work, etc. Concept and story are things that could be done a long time ago. And i believe before Burch left, he already made a nice script of where BL3 will be heading next. Why i am saying this?

Tales from the Borderlands is part of the Borderlands universe. i.e. you make changes in that game and whatever appears next will inhert those very changes. If not, Pre-sequel would have Roland alive and kicking. And the reason Borderlands 2 has been wildly successful because it brings back memories and tells stories. Some of them that was not part of the game (like attack on new heaven, nisha killing bri…

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WarBlade WarBlade 26 March 2015

Syntax Highlighting

For those using the source editing interface, you may have noticed a radical change to the edit fields. Syntax highlighting is being implemented around Wikia. See Kirkburn's blog about syntax highlighting for more information, or to provide feedback.

Short description: Syntax highlighting colour codes elements within the editing interface. Templates are one colour, for example, while galleries are another.

If syntax highlighting is too much of a problem, you can enable / disable it by a check box in your preferences on the "Editing" tab. Please note however that your reasons for wanting it, or not wanting it, may constitute valuable feedback.

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Leafless Leafless 3 February 2015

Aurelia Build - Lady Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

  • 1 General Informations:
  • 2 Skills:
    • 2.1 "The Huntress"-Tree:
    • 2.2 "Cold Money"-Tree:
    • 2.3 "Contractual Aristocracy"-Tree:
  • 3 Recommended Equipment:
    • 3.1 Weapons:
    • 3.2 Shields:
    • 3.3 Grenade Mods:
    • 3.4 Oz Kit:
    • 3.5 Class Mod:

I ran several tests with this build now and I am very pleased so far. It focuses around weapon and critical damage upgrades, while putting emphasis on Cryo damage, but not as much as other builds for her. As class mod the "Chronicler of Elpis" is a must to boost the central skills of this build.

  • Markswoman [5/5]: The critical damage upgrade can come in handy.
  • Only the Best [5/5]: Actually not needed, but 5 points need to be put into something and the additional projectile speed can come in handy.
  • Culling the Herd [5/5]: As scoring critical hits gets espe…

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Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 20 December 2014

Happy Holidays!

From me and my support team: Seamus, Dagny, Cookie, and to some extent Grady; I would like to extend my warmest well wishes to you and yours this holiday season. And if you don't celebrate anything this season I hope you have a nice two-ish weeks!


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Hawkeye2701 Hawkeye2701 13 December 2014

Sirens: What we know and various speculations

Okay, I feel I should open this with the disclaimer that I've not played the Pre-Sequel or Tales from the Borderlands, so if there is information pertaining to the nature of Sirens in either of these sources that contradicts what I have here, I sincerely apologise, I'm just working on what I have as of the Borderlands 2 DLC at the latest. Now then, without further ado, let's jump right in with the facts.

P.S. There will be spoilers.

1. Sirens have powers other humans don't.

As is obvious, each Siren has shown to possess a power no other human has, or other Siren for that matter. Lilith's Phase Walk, Maya's Phase Lock and Angel's Phase Shift, all alter forces in ways normal humans can't.

2. Sirens have naturally occuring tattoos

An odd trait, bu…

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Haloking7410 Haloking7410 6 December 2014

if anyone wants to farm loot midgets w me

im going to be hosting loot midgets farming games, for anyone who has the xbox 360 and borderlands 2, so if anyone wants to farm for legendaries, and pearls and have fun w others, leave me a message

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The Gunny-fduser The Gunny-fduser 5 December 2014

Bot flag request

Howdy folks. I'd like to ask the community for support for a bot flag and inclusion on the AWB white list(edit:not needed) for my bot account. I would like to use this account for mass edits of minor varieties like link or category changes, template parameter updates (if needed), minor repetitive edits that are better done automatically by bot. The bot flag will keep the bot edits from spamming recent changes and wiki activity and inclusion on the AWB white list will allow the bot to be run automatically.

I have enough familiarity with AWB to make these kinds of edits with the regex find/replace functions and have made these types of edits on other wikis. Although new to editing here, I am very familiar with mediawiki markup and editing. Of …

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Dansync Dansync 20 November 2014

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Map Chart

  • Green = With Fast Travel Station
  • Yellow = Without Fast Travel Station

Click image to enlarge.

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The Elsquanday The Elsquanday 27 October 2014

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Item Screenshots

Hello wiki,

This is mostly for my own sake, but if you want to use these screenshots for a wiki page, or help me figure out how to make them myself, read on!

To anyone still reading, here is an explanation for this blog:

I have been taking screenshots of important / unique / legendary items and I thought maybe I could share them on the wiki to help get some of these pages filled out.  I had noticed, for example, that the page on the Smasher pistol was not quite accurate. (It is now somewhat updated, but still has no page for variants and screenshots of them.)  I tried my hand at creating a new page for it, and I read several articles about starting new pages, but I couldn't get it to look quite right.  If anyone knows how to make these pages,…

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Zuriki Zuriki 25 October 2014

Automatically updating Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel weapons / weapon category templates

I have created a small bot that does two things:

  1. Creates a list of weapons split by category (limited Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel weapons)
  2. Auto-magically fills out a weapons template in the standard format (organised by Category and sub-divided by Common/Unique/Legendary/Pearlescent)

The bot itself doesn't update the articles, but it does create the list of articles for use in AutoWikiBrowser.

I have already generated the relevant templates and manually added them to the article (eg. Template:ShotgunsTPS) but I have not put them in to active use on the weapon pages as this would create 67 article updates in the recent updates page (since this account is not a bot-flagged account).

So, basically, I am requesting permission from the community/adm…

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Knakveey Knakveey 22 October 2014

Elpis map is live, let's fill it out

We recently got ahold of an awesome map image from 2K! I've enabled the map feature on this particular wiki and uploaded it. For those of you who are new to the Wikia Maps feature, checkout this article here for a quick tutorial.

While there are a lot of fine examples of maps in the Wikia universe, here is one particular example of what can be done with something similar to the borderlands game franchise. Feel free to take the time to create some map point images and upload them to the map as well. Obviously, this feature can be very beneficial to this wiki as it can be an interactive tool to define and locate the many places of the borderlands universe!

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BoredDan BoredDan 18 October 2014

Grinder Page TODO

This is an ongoing TODO list of things to test and add to the Grinder page.

  • What determine output level for recipes
    • Legendary Recipe
    • Purple Re-Roll Recipe
    • 3 of a Kind Recipe
    • 3 Different Recipe
    • 2+1 Recipe
    • Weapon Recipes
  • Does legendary recipe work for non weapons?
    • Maybe for class mods though?
  • Does conversion recipes work on purples and oranges?
  • What are the maximum level differences for items
    • Is it recipe dependant?
    • Does rarity matter?
    • Is it a constant (+-x) or relative (+-x%) difference?
  • What other recipes exist?
    • Other Weapon to Pistol?
    • Weapon to Item?
    • Items to Seperate Item?
  • How does input class mod type affect output?
  • How do elemental types work?
  • Do the same weapons + moonstone always produce identical results?
  • What can't be grinded?
    • Reports that some red text w…

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Dr. Clayton Forrestor Dr. Clayton Forrestor 16 October 2014

Ask the Crat

this blog to be used for discussion of the recruitment of new administrators. please review this wiki's policies however comma anyone may ask anything on this blog. i will only delete vandalism which I think does not serve the discussion (or isnt in the least amusing).

Who do _you_ recommend for this/these posting(s)?
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HybriDefiance HybriDefiance 14 October 2014

Wiki Stuff: Character Quotes and Mission Transcripts

Hi there, it's HybridDragoness, long-time (kinda?) editor of the Borderlands wiki who makes way too many run-on sentences. As some of you are aware, I've been working on creating transcripts of missions for Borderlands 2. With the upcoming release of The Pre-Sequel and encouragement from WarBlade, I'm making this blog post to ask people about any ideas they would have on organizing the quotes and transcripts of the Borderlands series.

The problem boils down to: Do we create subpages for quotes and transcripts, or do we not?

FOR creating subpages:

  • Things look neater
  • Easier for people to avoid spoilers
  • Avoiding pages like Krieg's in which quotes take up a good 70% of the height of the page lol
  • Stuff I haven't thought of yet

AGAINST creating subpage…

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Beast of burden Beast of burden 10 October 2014


hay everyone I have been looking into the videos and gameplays of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! after alot of searching and reading I have found a number of enemies native to Elpis. The list of enemies are listed in cataories so that you know who is most likely in the same team/group of enemy type. this is a work in progress and it WILL change whenever I learn more about the game.

  • 1 SCAV
  • 2 Creatures
    • 2.1 Kraggon
    • 2.2 Shugurath
    • 2.3 Rathyd
    • 2.4 Tork
  • 3 Lost Legion

  • Scav
  • Lunatic
  • Lil' Scav
  • OutLaw
  • Stolen DAHL Jet Fighter
  • Raider
  • Beast Rider (-Scavenger Beast-)
  • "Borrowed" Laser Turret
  • Darksider
  • Laser Moon Buggie
  • Suicide Lunatic
  • lil' Outlaw

  • Kraggon Pebbele
  • Kraggon Fuse
  • Kraggon Snowball
  • Kraggon
  • Kraggon Boulder
  • Kraggon Immolater
  • Kraggon Erupter
  • Kraggon Hailstone
  • Kraggon Avalanch
  • Badass Krag…

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Haloking7410 Haloking7410 22 September 2014


first off i am SORRY, that my last blog was sutch an eyesore, its not my fault no one seems to have a sense of humor nor seem to care about the wiki to even bother being on chat so i wouldnt have to make blogs like my last one. and also who are any of u to tell me aabout how to do something and how things work, i have helped quite a bit here, i am the reason for a few of the pages you know, just other people make additions to the pages i make and then claim them as there additions thats all. but any ways apologies for my last blog and next time i wanna try and show my dedication to the game ill just freakin save it for when anyone decides to get on chat.

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Haloking7410 Haloking7410 19 September 2014


this is haloking 7410 echo chasting to every vault hunter who hears this,

in the most recent trailer for one of my fav games of 2014, sir hammerlock and mir tourge, give us some brackground info on where we are heading. as we all know the place is named elpis and its pandoras moon, but what u may not know, is how in the trailer, there, was A SHIT LOAD OF LEGENDARIES. THATS RIGHT, THOSE PRIZED GUNS EVERYONES HUNTING FOR WILL BE PLENTIFUL IN THIS GAME, JUST TO NAME A FEW I SEEN, I SaW THESE LEGENDARIES IN THE TRAILER:






basically this game is gonna be fxxxxxx awesome, so i hope to see all u on xbox live and i hope that u each have good luck looting.

also ha…

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Beast of burden Beast of burden 4 September 2014

DAHL is villain of BL: TPS?

Hay every one I beleive that the new enemy Manufacturer is DAHL I dont have a lot to go on just thing on the internet here and there that I found. But this is just a hunch I have especialy the images of the military faction on Elpis that I've seen.

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