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Blockade is a Seraph shield manufactured by Anshin. It appears exclusively in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The Blockade can only be obtained as a rare drop from the Ancient Dragons of Destruction.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Am I living or am I dying? – Provides damage reduction to the user.

Usage & Description[]

The Blockade has decent, but not spectacular, stats all-around. With its constant damage resistance, it is useful for surviving very heavy damage such as explosions and raid boss attacks.


  • The resistance effect is inconsistent with the description on card, and is at a constant percentage (depending on the shield's parts and level) independently of shield charge, even when the shield is depleted.
  • At OP8, a Blockade with all possible Hyperion parts will reduce all damage by ~45.7%. This is slightly beaten by the Antagonist's largest possible damage reduction at 49%.
  • The Blockade cannot spawn with any Maliwan parts.


  • The Blockade is the only non-Adaptive Anshin shield.
  • While an Anshin product, the Blockade uses a Hyperion shield model.
    • It lacks a health bonus unlike most Anshin Shields.