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Bloated Rakks are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3.
Bloated Rakks are rare badass-class enemies that can spawn in any rakk flock. They are easily identified by their chubby appearance and yellowish trails coming out of their wing tips.



Bloated Rakk is a very dangerous enemy, much larger and slower than smaller types. While circling around its target, Bloated Rakk drops a large egg out of which Irradiated Rakklesnake hatches out. Rarely they will dive down onto the target trying to lacerate it with two large talons in their tails. This attack is easy to avoid simply by stepping to one side or the other. Being heavy and slow, Bloated Rakks will struggle to regain altitude after a missed attack which leaves them vulnerable for several seconds.
It is important to notice the difference of these attacks in different game modes:

  • In Normal Mode, Irradiated Rakklesnakes will hatch out from the first ten eggs, all consecutive eggs dropped are empty. Bloated Rakk's slashing attacks damages Vault Hunter's shields and, on rare occasions, inflicts radiation damage.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode and Mayhem Mode, all eggs dropped hatch Irradiated Rakklesnakes. Slashing attacks take large portion of target's health often completely bypassing victim's shields.

Being fleshy targets, Bloated Rakks are vulnerable to incendiary damage.


  • When shot at, Bloated Rakk drops large amount of cash. If low on cash, Vault Hunters can take advantage of this by using uderpowered weapons to quickly refill their wallets. When killed, Bloated Rakk tend to drop cash, Eridium bars, ammunitions, and various items ranging from uncommon to legendary.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode and Mayhem Mode they are renamed Engorged Rakk.

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