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Blinding Nine-Toes is a story mission in Borderlands given by Dr. Zed.


"Nine-Toes placed a few men at a small outpost outside of town, across the road and west. Those men report every move we make, so our next move should be to make them dead."



Blinding Nine-Toes

Video walkthrough


Kill bandits and return to Dr. Zed.
  • Bandits killed: 0/8


Dr. Zed states that his actions are being monitored by some of Nine-Toes' thugs. He wants them eliminated. Follow the mission marker outside of Fyrestone and cross the road where there's a small outpost to the west. Only 8 Bandits need to be killed to complete the objective, however it does not take much more effort to kill the rest and loot the camp, which contains a red chest. Once completed, return to Zed and talk to him to complete the mission.


"Well done, friend. Here's the bounty for those guys. By the time Nine-Toes realizes we've taken out his eyes, we'll already be making our next move."