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One of the branches of Brick's skill tree, focusing primarily on his abilities to do damage with explosive weapons such as rocket launchers. His other two skill trees are Brawler and Tank.

Skill Tree


Blaster Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Endowed: Increases explosive damage you deal (First level: +3%)
  • Rapid Reload: Increases reload speed and reduces recoil from all weapons (First level: +4% reload speed; -6%)

Tier 2

  • Revenge: Killing an enemy increases damage with all weapons for a few seconds (First level: +10% weapon damage)
  • Wide Load: Increases number of rockets your rocket launcher can hold in its magazine (First level: +1 rocket)

Tier 3

  • Liquidate: Dealing explosive damage to an enemy reduces Berserk's cooldown time (First level: -1 second)
  • Cast Iron: Increases resistance to explosive damage (First level:+8% resistance)

Tier 4

  • Master Blaster: Killing an enemy increases fire rate for all weapons and causes you to regenerate rockets for a few seconds (First level: +12% fire rate and 2 per minute rockets)

Brick skills
Brawler Tank Blaster
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