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Blaster is the title of a group of common lasers in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are manufactured by Dahl, Maliwan, Hyperion and Tediore, and features the Dahl barrel "Blaster".

Usage & Description

Blaster lasers fire energy bolts at a high fire rate with good projectile velocity, though the user must lead moving targets at longer ranges.

Hyperion Blasters have Reverse recoil, which supports sustained fire of the Blaster's Style and offsets their medium recoil. They also have 50% critical hit bonus, or 60% with a Hyperion Stock.

Maliwan Blasters are better at elemental damage, both direct damage and elemental status effects. Their continuous damage bonus also works as sustained fire will cause each future bolt to inflict higher damage than before.

Dahl Blasters launch a 3-round burst when zoomed, which behaves similar to most common Dahl weapons as the laser bolts function like bullets. They also have recoil reduction and the bolts penetrate enemies.

Tediore Blasters have nothing in special., They have low base stats and the reload-throw gimmick which deals a lot more damage in a single burst.

Notable Variants

  • Dahl Heartfull SplodgerUnique glitch laser with increased multishot & loop glitches.
  • Maliwan E-GUNUnique weapon that has a barrel visually similar to a blaster, but behaves like a beam laser and deals non-elemental damage.
  • Dahl FirestartaUnique incendiary laser with increased elemental damage and chance.
  • Maliwan MINAC's AtonementUnique laser with randomly selecting element.
  • Dahl Cat o' Nine Tails - Legendary incendiary laser with ricocheting and splitting beams. Reduced fire rate.
  • Maliwan ThunderfireLegendary Maliwan shock laser that fires a visually similar to Beam arc of energy. Upon hitting an enemy or object, the shot emits a small incendiary nova.
  • Dahl The ZX-1Legendary incendiary laser with homing bolts and all parts are fixed. Unique bolt pattern.


  • The variants of Hyperion Blasters can spawn with Hyperion's new-style or old-style sets of materials and prefixes.
    • Old-style Hyperion Blasters have higher damage output, slightly better stats of rate of fire and reload time, but lower listed accuracy.
  • The Blaster is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

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