Blackout is a Tier Three talent in Lilith's Assassin skill tree. It causes Phasewalk's cooldown to reduce by 1.2 seconds per rank after killing an enemy. This includes enemies killed during Phasewalk, such as from the entry blast or the Radiance skill.


Level 1 2 3 4 5
Cooldown Reduction on Kill 1.2 sec 2.4 sec 3.6 sec 4.8 sec 6.0 sec


This skill works during Phasewalk in conjunction with Radiance and/or Phoenix. Thus it may be possible to seriously lessen or even reset the cooldown before exiting Phasewalk.

Lilith skills
Controller Elemental Assassin

Striking • Intuition • Phoenix • Quicksilver • Radiance • Resilience • Spark • Venom

Blackout • Enforcer • High Velocity • Hit & Run • Phase Strike • Silent Resolve • Slayer

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