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Black Snake is a unique submachine gun manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained as a drop from Red in Crisis Scar.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Such is bite. – Always corrosive. Fires two bullets per shot in a horizontal pattern. Reduced magazine size, damage per bullet, and elemental effect chance. All parts fixed.

Usage & Description[]

The Black Snake's guaranteed ability to fire two bullets per shot allows it to corrode enemies more easily. However, due to its reduced overall damage (including elemental effect damage) and magazine size, it will usually underperform compared to corrosive SMGs of a higher quality. Its spread also fires on each side of the crosshair, making it difficult to hit opponents outside of close range (unless they are larger targets like the Jet Fighter). Overall, it is an average weapon that can be replaced quickly by other substitutes as the game progresses.


  • The name of the weapon and loot source are a reference to the Australian red-bellied black snake.
  • The Black Snake spawns with all parts fixed, consisting of a Hyperion barrel, grip, stock and sight.
  • The flavor text is a reference to Ned Kelly's famous (but incorrect) last words, "Such is life". His actual last words were "Oh well, I suppose it has come to this".