The Black Market is a shop found in Borderlands 2. It is located in the city of Sanctuary and is tended by Crazy Earl. Eridium is the only currency that can be used to barter for any merchandise.

You can purchase the following items:

Item Eridium
Backpack SDU increase +3

1st Rank - White: 4
2nd Rank - Green: 8
3rd Rank - Blue: 12
4th Rank - Purple: 16
5th Rank - Orange: 20
6th Rank - Pink: 50
7th Rank - Pink: 100
8th Rank - Pearlescent: 150
9th Rank - Pearlescent: 200

Bank capacity increase +2
Ammo SDU increase (each of the six types)

Grenade SDU increase

Ammo and Grenade SDU can only upgrade to 7th rank. In total it costs 2590 Eridium in order to buy every upgrade. 


  • The Black Market is involved in the mission Plan B in which Crazy Earl also sells a fuel cell with a regular purchase.
    • After your first playthrough, Plan B no longer requires a purchase.  Merely speak to Earl and he'll give you the Fuel Cell.
  • Even though 2590 Eridium is required to purchase all upgrades, a Vault Hunter can only carry 999 Eridium at a time.
  • A system-wide update on 02/04/13 added another Ammo upgrade for 50 Eridium as well as two additional backpack and bank upgrades are available for 50 Eridium and 100 Eridium, each. These are available without the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack DLC.
  • A system-wide update on 08/29/13 added an additional upgrade for 100 Eridium and two additional backpack/bank upgrades for 150 and 200 Eridium.


  • The upgrades go in the order of rarity: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink (for both 6th and 7th rank) and Pearlescent (for the 8th and 9th ranks).

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