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The Black Hole is a Legendary shield manufactured by Maliwan. Black Hole is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Foreman Jasper located in Opportunity.

Special Shield Effect

You are the center of the universe. – Pulls nearby enemies towards the wearer when its shield charge is depleted, then explodes in a huge nova. Increased damage and range, always shock element.

Usage & Description


  • The Black Hole higher nova damage than the Flame of the Firehawk, but the latter will release more novas in a short period of time, potentially resulting in more overall damage than the Black Hole.
  • The Black Hole pulls enemies towards the wearer when fully depleted. This, combined with one of the highest nova damages in the game, makes it very helpful when fighting mobs.
  • This shield can be extremely effective when used by a Mechromancer investing heavily in the Little Big Trouble tree (specifically Wires Don't Talk, Electrical Burn and Myelin) and Blood Soaked Shields. Once the shield is depleted, the singularity effect will momentarily stun most enemies in the area while pulling them in for its deadly nova blast. A single kill will then recharge the shield to full capacity, immediately readying another nova. This strategy is particularly deadly under heavy fire, where the shield will be depleted almost immediately after being recharged.
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