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The BlASSter is a E-tech assault rifle in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Bandit. The BlASSter is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

BlASSters fire bolts of energy that, like all other E-tech weapons, deal additional elemental damage compared to standard Bandit assault rifles at the cost of 2 ammunition per shot. The BlASSter is the most "normal" of the E-tech assault rifles, with no special effects other than boosted damage, a slightly higher fire rate, and low projectile speed, in all other ways handling like any other high-capacity Bandit assault rifle. Capacity can be enormous, exceeding 200 rounds. Ironically however, the fact that it uses 2 shots per bullet fired means that the incredible magazine size only really translates to effectively half the displayed capacity, with double the drain on ammo of a normal assault rifle.

Despite using double the ammunition, the BlASSter does less than one-and-a-half times the damage per projectile compared to a standard Bandit assault rifle. The weapon also suffers from the standard E-tech penalty to critical hit damage, further reducing its potential damage output. Because of this BlASSters do less damage per ammo used than almost any other assault rifle, being outperformed by even green-rarity Bandit assault rifles of the same level. Even on a raw damage basis BlASSters perform poorly, doing at most 20% more damage than non-E-tech Dahl ARs and at most 12% more damage than Vladof ARs, being out-damaged by all other brands of assault rifle and certain Vladof ARs. This makes BlASSters very poor performing weapons in general, to say nothing of their exceptionally bad performance when compared to Dahl or Vladof Blasters.


  • BlASSters are normally not available without an elemental affinity, scope, or weapon accessory such as improved stability; however, the mission weapon version given as part of Medical Mystery: X-Com-municate may appear without an element, scope, and/or accessory due to a bug.

A non-elemental scopeless BlASSter

A BIASSter with both elemental effect and Scope.

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