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Bike vehicles feature as enemies in the Borderlands 2 DLC, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. The bike is a motorcycle with a sidecar attached. Each one has a front mounted weapon that defines which type of bike it is, and a sidecar. The rider operates the forward weapon, while the rear-facing pillion passenger is free to use small arms. The small size of these vehicles ensures that their ramming damage is relatively low for a vehicle. Targets can be pushed around and hurt, but impacts are survivable.


Boom Bike[]

The boom bikes are unarmed vehicles but with a large explosive barrel strapped in a sidecar seat and a smaller one above the front wheel. They always go at their targets in a straight line and self-destruct when close enough. Although the explosion itself can be survivable, it deals massive amount of damage and disorients the target. Boom bikes are adorned with skeletal fragments and are always driven by Bike Rioters.

Grinder Bike[]

The grinder bike has either a ram plate, metal spikes or chainsaw attachment affixed to the front and is ridden right up to targets to initiate melee attacks. Additionally, they are equipped with rotating blades attached to the sidecar wheel. Against a stationary target vehicle these attachments will continue to worry the structure of the target while the two vehicles are locked together.

Road Gunner[]

The road gunner comes equipped with a vehicular shotgun. The weapon operates in the same manner as personal shotguns, and has a fairly inaccurate spread of buckshot. Sidecars can be equipped with number of different attachments such as chainsaw or rotating blades.

Motor Momma's Bike[]

Motor Momma's bike is a unique vehicle that has the unusual feature of a sidecar attached to each side, yet does not carry a passenger. Each sidecar is equipped with a forward-firing Gatling gun, and the bike and rider are protected by a powerful shield.


  • Bikes can be seen ridden by Bikers or Bike Rioters, with or without passengers. Only Road Gunners can accommodate for a pillion passenger and a sidecar passenger while Boom Bikes and Grinder bikes usually have only a pillion passenger.
  • In rare circumstances, a loose pedestrian of the same faction as a bike's riders can mount an adjacent bike if there is an unoccupied passenger space. In this manner a bike can have both a pillion passenger and a sidecar passenger.
  • Destroying a bike contributes to the Bikes Destroyed challenge in the Campaign of Carnage challenge list, but does not contribute to the ...One Van Leaves challenge in the Vehicle challenge list.