The Bigg Thumppr is a legendary shield manufactured by scavs.

Special Weapon Effect

That's going to leave a mark. – Massive Roid bonus with extended recharge delay. Upon starting to recharge, deals damage to its wearer, but only if the wearer inflicts melee damage while the shield is depleted, and will never be enough to kill the user directly.

Usage & Description

Bigg Thumppr is a powerful Maylay shield with a dangerous side effect, leaving its wearer vulnerable at the end of a melee encounter. It should be used in conjunction with an effective method of restoring health. Seriously injured characters wearing Bigg Thumppr may prefer to eschew melee combat, even with a depleted shield, in the interest of not taking further self-damage.


  • Bigg Thumppr uses the same material as the Avalanche.
  • Bigg Thumppr may spawn with a Maliwan capacitor, granting immunity against shock, corrosive or fire elemental damage. It may also spawn with a Torgue capacitor, granting the Blast-Proof prefix and explosive damage reduction to its wearer.
  • A hot fix issued starting from November 11 re-balanced both this shield and The Shooting Star, severely reducing the roid damage bonus of each shield. Bigg Thumppr's roid damage at level 50 after the hot fix is approximately 11,000; before the hot fix, it averaged 78,000 roid damage.
  • The self-damage will never lower the wearer below 1 Health.
  • Self-damage does not occur if the shield recharges without the wearer inflicting Roid-enhanced melee damage.
  • Wilhelm's Divert Power is dangerous in combination with this shield, as it can leave him at 1 Health (from self-damage at the Divert Power 30% health threshold) and only partially restored shield capacity, all while cancelling the shield's Roid bonus. The next strike from an enemy will then fell Wilhelm if that strike penetrates the partial shield.


  • The Bigg Thumppr was first discovered as a glitch in the Loot the World app shortly after it was released.
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